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Bri-Stor Systems staffordshire

We are BBQ Heroes

bbq-day 3

From the 13 - 15th June, The Bri-Stor Group have hosted a lunchtime BBQ for our employess to help raise money for Help For Heroes.

The Company Directors have all donned their aprons, have flipped more burgers than the local sizzler and have proved themselves as king of the grill. Serving to over 450 people the last 3 days has been 'bun'dles of joy and the successful event has managed to raise a massive £741.95. Doing these events not only raises awareness for our chosen charity but it also brings our Employees and Directors together in a social environment.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a huge victory. If you still want to doante to help this cause please do so on our JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bri-stor-bbq

Podium Finish for Bri-Stor Apprentices

Raft Race Final

Following on from Stones Soapbox Derby a week ago, the Apprentices took part in the Stone Festival Raft Race on Sunday 4th June held on the River Trent from Darlaston to Walton Bridge.

From day one, the Apprentices worked alongside a dedicated team of in-house engineers who designed the amphibious vehicle to be able to compete in both the soapbox derby and raft race with minimal modifications.

With a large turnout of locals and employee supporters, the race got underway at 10am reminding ourselves it is not the first to arrive at Westbridge Park that wins but the one with the shortest time for the journey.

The Bri-Stor raft certainly looked impressive on the water and we were confident that it would successfully make it across the finish line. We didn’t fall short of this expectation and Bri-Stor finished in third position, a brilliant result for the team.

The sun kept its hat on and made for a great days entertainment. Making their way down the river was a great achievement and definitely not something that all teams competing could say they accomplished.

The Caterham - Wrapped to Perfection

Caterham Wrap

This week has seen a more creative aspect to the build. The Caterham has had a wrap designed and applied by skilled applicators and the end result is fantastic. It has transformed the look of the car with its vertical stripes; it's not quite as fast as a Dodge Viper but it certainly looks just as good.

The main aim for this week is to finish the wiring, check all fluids and bleeding and do a dry turn over.

The build is going from strength to strength and hopefully next week the Apprentices will get the chance to rev it up for the first time!

Soapbox to Raft Conversion Day

raft race test

The Bri-Stor Apprentices gained massive amounts of experience in building their soapboxes for the Soapbox Derby race at Stone Festival. This week they are using their skills and knowledge to convert and modify the soapbox to make sure it floats so they can enter the raft race on Sunday 4th June, which is to be held as part of the Stone Summer Festival. The team will take to water at the Darlaston Inn in Stone down the River Trent to Stafford and Stone Canoe club.

The alteration from soapbox to amphibious went well and unsuspectedly the conversions was fairly quick to do. When it came to the trials, some additional, small modifications were required to keep them afloat and the Apprentices dry and one of the Apprentices Joshua Lamond felt it necessary to test the water temperature during the trials. With the assistance of some of the young locals the banana boat floated well with a crew of 4 on the river.

Now all they have to do is to set sail and paddle themselves to victory.

Stone High Street Soapbox Derby a Flying Success

FB IMG 1496177470149

Following a hugely successful debut last year, Stone Festival hosted their second annual Soapbox Derby, which saw some of the weirdest and most wonderful karts battling it out.

This year Bri-Stor Systems and sister company Alpha Manufacturing were happy to sponsor the local event which was a great success. With a packed audience waiting in anticipation, the race got underway at 4pm and continued into the early evening with carts having not one but two races down the course. 

The Bri-Stor cart got the crowd wooing and cheering with their slick design and electrical ingenious built in to the front and back of the cart. Suffering from a few teething problems from the back axle, the cart was launched with a running push start from team members and off they went.

The Apprentices from Alpha Manufacturing were up next where they took inspiration from Alpha's charity partners – Help for Heroes and built an army camouflaged tank-racer. We have received confirmation from the event organiser that the Alpha Tank probably won the prize for the most airborne of all Soapboxes going over the jump.

This year the Apprentices were assigned with an additional task which required the team to build the soapbox cart as an amphibious vehicle to operate in water. Sunday 2nd June will see the team take to water at the Darlaston Inn in Stone down the River Trent to Stafford and Stone Canoe club, approximately 2km; fingers crossed they stay afloat.

This was a great day all round and a pleasure for us to be involved not only in participating and sponsoring the race but also in raising awareness and support for our charity partner in the process.

 FB IMG 1496177497456

Bri-Stor Exhibiting at Mercedes Van Experience LIVE 2017

Bri-Stor Systems, van racking and bespoke vehicle conversion experts, will be exhibiting at Milbrook Proving Ground between 20th and 30th June for Van Experience LIVE. Open to all van operators, Van Experience Live promises to be bigger than ever before, with more than 2,500 van operators expected to arrive.

If you're going to the show we look forward to seeing you there and discussing any requirements that you might have. We will be taking wih us a Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Vito to show off our panel van conversions for the utilities sector and a standard van conversion.

Van Experience Live 1