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A Day In The Life Of A Project Engineer

Tommy - engineer

My role at Bri-Stor Systems is to oversee the design, development and project management of vehicle storage solutions and security systems to a customer specification

Here’s an example of what a typical day can look like as a Project Engineer.

08:00 – Arrive at our Church Lane facility

A quick walk through the shop floor to assess the progress of a few vans followed by a swift visit to the staff kitchen for a much-needed cup of coffee.

8:30am – Day begins

We look over the engineering work plan, this shows each member of the team which projects we’ve been allocated. The time scale we have to complete a project varies a lot, with some projects only taking a day to complete. However larger projects such as welfare vehicles can take multiple weeks to complete.

09:00am – Exciting new opportunity: Reviewing the spec

Overnight a project has come in from the Sales team for a new customer in the housing sector. I spend some time ensuring that the specification contains all of the key information needed to complete the project. This covers details such as vehicle make, model, height, wheel base, and any factory fitted options it may arrive with plus a list of everything that the customer requires, from racking elements, to electrical components whilst including all the appropriate fitting locations.  Sometimes these spec sheets can run into multiple pages if the customer is looking at a particularly complex build. Thankfully this one is relatively straightforward.

09:30am – Design time

Using the spec as a starting point, I open up SolidWorks on my computer – a 3D CAD software package – and begin to design the individual parts that will be used to deliver the final storage solution. Throughout this process I’m conscious of the need to ensure that the design solution is suitable for manufacture so work closely with my colleagues in Alpha Manufacturing, our sister company.


11:00 – The phone rings

Just had a call from one of the assembly teams. There’s some confusion over one of my other builds so I quickly pop down to the production line to resolve the issue, taking the time to record any feedback from the fitters to use in future designs.

12:00 – Bringing all those parts together

Back in front of my computer, I bring all of the individual parts I designed earlier to create a series of assemblies. An assembly is simply a collection of parts that are fixed together using a variety of relationship mates.

13:30 – Honing the design to fit the van

Luckily at Bri-Stor Systems we have a wide range of vehicle scans, which provide us with a 3D visual representation of a vehicle shell. With this, I can call up the scan which meets the customer spec and layout all of our assemblies into the vehicle and make a couple of quick tweaks to avoid any potential issues on the production line.

14:30 – The BOM is born

Confident that the design works I enter all of the components into our business management system and create the Bill of Materials for this project. The Project is now ready to launch. Build instructions are ready and parts are on order ready for the vans to arrive on site in a few weeks’ time.

16:30 – Log off

Time to head home and recharge the batteries. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? All I know is that the fast-paced nature of vehicle conversions means that no two days are ever the same.

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