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A Day in The Life of the Bri-Stor Systems Account Management Team

Van conversion is a complex business.  Customer requirements vary extensively with no one-size fits all solution.  So, what makes a Bri-Stor Systems conversion stand out?  Nick Tomlinson, Bri-Stor Systems’ Head of Sales explains how the account management team brings high-levels of expertise and technical know-how to customers, adding value at every stage of the van conversion process.

“The customer is at the centre of every decision we make, day in, day out and it’s our account management team that are the seamless link in every single interaction between us and the customer.  The skills of our account management team are about as varied as our conversions.  It certainly takes a very skilled person to fulfill this role”, explains Nick.

Nick is keen to explain that collaboration is absolutely critical in every relationship, both internally and with customers, he comments: “Many of our relationships at Bri-Stor Systems go back to the start of this business which is real testament to the Bri-Stor Systems’ team.”

nick Tomlinson
Bri-Stor Systems Van Conversion

“But really and truly it’s how we can engage and collaborate with our customers that makes us so successful.  Our relationships with customers are far from purely transactional, every single van conversion takes a huge amount of resource and skill and it’s our account management team that bring all these many moving parts together – they are the very definition of plate spinners.”

The account management team is typically the interface between the customer and the Bri-Stor Systems team and is responsible for updating real-time workflow and ensuring the successful delivery of the conversion process.  Working closely with the infernal sales team, responsible for managing sub-contractors and suppliers, is a critical part of the job.  For Account Manager Hannah Adams, no two days are the same, as she explains: “The account management role at Bri-Stor Systems is so fast paced, but it’s so rewarding.  We are in a such a great position to be able to see the development of a new fleet from start to end and even beyond.  A big part of our job is about really understanding the subtle nuances of the client – how they like to work, how they like to receive information – it varies so widely, but effective communication is such a big part of this job.”