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Addressing the skills gap through quality on the job education and professional development

Addressing the skills gap

The Bri-Stor Group, which includes Bri-Stor Systems, Alpha Manufacturing, Atlas Coating and Hex Signs & Graphics, has been recognising and developing young talent since the business started trading over 35 years ago. In that time, the number of apprentices on our accredited scheme has increased year-on-year, this year seeing the formal launch of the higher apprenticeship programme, with a large proportion of the workforce progressing their career supported by company-funded professional and educational development.

The manufacturing and engineering industry are facing an ever-growing skills gap, and with this in mind, working on a model that creates quality vocational work options helps to encourage young skilled workers of the future into positions that fill this gap long-term.

Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Manager, William Davies-Hill explains how the Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Scheme works to benefit both the apprentice and the business: “As a company that actively plans ahead, it is imperative that we ensure that our workforce of the future has the correct competencies and expertise. The best approach for this is to acknowledge the importance of developing individuals through the means of our apprenticeship programme.

“Apprenticeships are a collaboration between; the person who is striving to better themselves by gaining qualifications in various sectors of work, the training provider who has a pivotal function in their development and the employer who must ensure that both the financial and time investment spent in development meets your initial targets.

“To ensure that this is all tied together correctly, a company must work to make sure their vocational work options offer training that works to enhance skills the individual already possess, so that the apprentice is fully engaged and submersed in their chosen apprenticeship. Positive influence and strong role models who are willing to invest in the apprentice’s are the key to the gold standard apprenticeship program we offer.”

Quality skills training doesn’t stop at apprenticeships, as Group HR Manager Karen Barnacle explains: “Many of our Senior Leadership team across the Group, including our Managing Directors in Bri-Stor Systems and Alpha Manufacturing, started their careers as apprentices, or in entry level roles, and have been supported to grow their skills and progress. Offering educational and professional development options to employees ensures a wider knowledge base and resource in the business, therefore helping to close the skills gap. Young people offer businesses a unique opportunity to adapt and grow with their workforce and should be seen as an asset to any company.”


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