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Apprenticeships at Bri-Stor

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Want to start your career working for a leading UK automotive manufacturing company?

Established in 2010, the Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship has developed into a leading midlands programme. Working in partnership with JCB Academy, we offer our Apprentices a unique opportunity to gain a solid understanding of engineering theory combined with real world hands on experience.

Apprentices JCB

How a Bri-Stor Systems Apprenticeship Works:

Studying towards an NVQ Qualification students will gain a basic understanding of Electro-Mechanical Principals, through work experience in areas such as Vehicle Fitting, Auto-Electrics, Prototype and Assembly.

Initially Apprentices will study full-time at the JCB Academy learning basic workshop practices and engineering principals. Apprentices will then work in Bri-Stor 4 days per week, exploring all areas of the business and studying 1 day per week at the JCB Academy until completion of the level 3 Apprenticeship.

Throughout the Apprenticeship students will gain experience and vital trade knowledge from expert
instructors. Those who display the quality and willingness to advance their careers could go on to complete a level 4 qualification.

Alpha JCB Apprentices