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Apprentice News

Sparks Fly for our Apprentices

Our current Apprentices have been training recently to advance their knowledge on Vehicle Electrics. To do this, Bri-Stor used the following methods:-

  • Assess current knowledge level
  • Power Point presentation to further their knowledge of electrics in vehicles. For eg: how automatic gearboxes work and how signals are passed to control gear selection
  • White board question and answer session to simplify and build on explanations
  • Bri-Stor used the current build of the Caterham Seven Kit Car to show how components work in conjunction with each other to produce a smooth running engine

Seeing our Apprentices develop and gain more skills is very rewarding for Apprenticeship Manager William Davies-Hill.

Electrical Training September 2017 - 3 web



Bri-Stor’s Electrical / Mechanical Engineering Apprentices
take a step towards their future.

JCB Apprentices - Week 1

This week our 2017 Apprentices have begun their Electrical / Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at The JCB Academy. The first week will see all of them complete a programme to include topics such as an introduction to CAD, drawings and design, electrical training and welding. Mixing classroom-study with practical work and real experience will certainly see them develop their skills.

On Monday 11th September, the Apprentices will be back at Bri-Stor to complete their Level 1 in Health and Safety with Michael Osborne, Group Health and Safety Manager. Following this, they will begin their formal lessons over at The JCB Academy to complete 3 weeks wiring and electrics.
We look forward to guiding our Apprentices into the next part of their career and to see them qualify as professionals of the future.

Apprenticeships Week1

Our second year Apprentices have reached a milestone 
by completing their 2 year Apprenticeship
course in Auto Electrics.
Apprentices been presented with their qualification certificates by Martin Smith, Group Director.

Martin Smith, The Bri-Stor Group Director, presented each individual with their certificates and congratulated them for all their hard work over the last 2 years.

Since they began at Bri-Stor back in 2015, we have seen all of them mature, develop and adapt in to the working environment. All of them have been trained, mentored and tutored which has seen them successfully gain a IMI Level 3 Diploma in Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Principles (VRQ) Auto Electrician Route and a IMIAL Level 3 Diploma in Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Competence (VCQ) Auto Electrician Route.

Each Apprentice has secured a full time position as an Auto Electrician and we are looking forward to seeing them progress their careers at Bri-Stor.

William Davies-Hill, Apprenticeship Manager said “I would like to offer each of them my congratulations and I wish them all the best for the future.”

Bri-Stor Apprenticeship Presentation 1


On Tuesday 1st August The Bri-Stor Group welcomed the
new 2018 Apprentices at their premises
Apprentices 2017 Induction 2 x 500px
2017 / 2018 Apprentices having their induction

The Bri-Stor Group intake of 15 Apprentices were greeted by William Davies-Hill and Stephen Bowen, Apprenticeship Mangers. Jordanna Richards, Group HR Administrator, conducted their induction which saw them go through their contracts and the employee handbooks. Following this, they were then issued with their uniform and taken on a guided tour of the Groups facilities. 

The Apprentices will spend the week commencing 4th September 2017 at The JCB Academy where they will be given a tour of the facility and the working environment. They will also undertake multiple assessments to ascertain what level each of them are currently working at in areas such as English, Maths, Hand Tool Skills and Welding.

Week commencing the 11th September will then see the Apprentices start a weekly routine. Monday will take place at Bri-Stor Systems undertaking Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) with Matthew Trussler, Lean Manufacturing Manager and William Davies-Hill and Stephen Bowen. Tuesday through to Friday the Apprentices will follow a programme attended at The JCB Academy to undertake technical and practical training. After the first 12 months of this routine they will then spend 4 days a week at Bri-Stor Systems and one day a week at The JCB Academy.

After 18 months the Apprentices will undergo testing in the topics that they have been instructed in, this is called the “Gateway Assessment” and following these results the Apprentices will then undergo further technical training or complete a craft Apprenticeship.

We are looking forward to working with our new Apprentices in September.

State-of-the-art Apprenticeship Training Centre Opens After Huge Investment

JCB Dove Engineering Centre 1
Artists impression of the Dove Centre, Apprentice Jess testing the VR headset, graphics and logo application in the drawing room and our Apprentices arriving at the opening.

JCB Academy opened its new Apprentice training facility, The Dove Engineering Centre on Wednesday 19th July. The new 687sqm facility will cater for The JCB Academy’s higher level Apprenticeship students and will include state-of-the-art technology and equipment, enabling the Apprentices to develop their skills and knowledge even further.

In Partnership with The JCB Academy, The Bri-Stor Group have a drafting room at the Centre which the Apprentices will utilise for training. For this, Bri-Stor were able to apply graphics and logos to the interior of the room to make it more personalised.

JCB Academy Drawing Room
Our Apprentices learning new skills in the drawing room at the new Dove Centre

4 of the Groups Apprentices, Jessica Thompson, Christopher Golding, Rueben Murcott and Samuel Weaver, were in attendance to demonstrate the new facility in operation. Jessica Thompson had the privilege of introducing Lord Bamford to the drafting room, where he spoke to the other Apprentices about their roles and the training that they have received both from JCB Academy and training at Bri-Stor facilities.

Lord Bamford completed the opening by presenting an opening plaque to the Academy. The Bri-Stor Group company directors then had a tour of the facility and the opportunity to see where the 2017 intake of Apprentices will be undertaking their training.

JCB Academy Lord Banford
Lord Banford talking to our Apprentices

For further information on The JCB Academy new Dove Centre click here


Roads, Lets Make them Safer!

Our Apprentices are meeting on 5th July with Road Safety Officer, Irene Williamson from Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership. Their aim is to educate and teach us about road safety issues that concern them with the aim of reducing road casualties in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.
Reducing casualties through education, training, publicity, enforcement and engineering… their goal will:

  • Listen and consult with our local communities on road safety issues that concern them
  • Use data to decide the most appropriate way of tackling identified problems
  • Work together to share resources, skills and ideas
  • Continually monitor and evaluate what we do to check it is working
  • Do the best we can to make Staffordshire's roads even safer

This is an example of how Bri-Stor Systems looks to take care of our young Apprentices and to see them gain additional knowledge in areas that they can use in social hours.

Apprenticeship road safety training

Bri-Stor Apprentices start electrical training on-site

Having finished their initial training at The JCB Academy, our Apprentices have been doing some electrical training this week with Rob Bunyan, Bri-Stor Field Service Engineer. The group have been practising all sorts of electrical wiring including a hand wash system which encompasses a relay and a switch.

After they have completed this they will be paired up with an electrician to start electrics on a working vehicle.

We are proud of our Apprentices who are showing some real skill and determination since they joined us back in September 2016 and we look forward to seeing their progress over the next few months.

Electrical Training


Bri-Stor Apprentices undertake 'On Board Diagnostic' training

On the 2nd May Westfalia Automotive delivered On Board Diagnostic (OBD) training to the Apprentices, which has provided them with a sound knowledge of the OBD reader’s capability and restrictions.

The training was delivered in two parts. The first part was through an informative presentation which gave the eager youngsters the background knowledge about the OBD and its capabilities. The second part was conducted on the vehicles on the shop floor, where they each had the opportunity to connect the OBD reader to the vehicles, then interpret both historic fault codes and live data that the vehicle has stored in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

A big thanks to Rick Sykes for his time delivering this to our Apprentices.

OBD Training

Training taking place in the Bri-Stor factory

Podium Finish for Bri-Stor Apprentices

Raft Race Final

Following on from Stones Soapbox Derby a week ago, the Apprentices took part in the Stone Festival Raft Race on Sunday 4th June held on the River Trent from Darlaston to Walton Bridge.

From day one, the Apprentices worked alongside a dedicated team of in-house engineers who designed the amphibious vehicle to be able to compete in both the soapbox derby and raft race with minimal modifications.

With a large turnout of locals and employee supporters, the race got underway at 10am reminding ourselves it is not the first to arrive at Westbridge Park that wins but the one with the shortest time for the journey.

The Bri-Stor raft certainly looked impressive on the water and we were confident that it would successfully make it across the finish line. We didn’t fall short of this expectation and Bri-Stor finished in third position, a brilliant result for the team.

The sun kept its hat on and made for a great days entertainment. Making their way down the river was a great achievement and definitely not something that all teams competing could say they accomplished.

Stone High Street Soapbox Derby a Flying SuccessFB IMG 1496177470149

Following a hugely successful debut last year, Stone Festival hosted their second annual Soapbox Derby, which saw some of the weirdest and most wonderful karts battling it out.

This year Bri-Stor Systems and sister company Alpha Manufacturing were happy to sponsor the local event which was a great success. With a packed audience waiting in anticipation, the race got underway at 4pm and continued into the early evening with carts having not one but two races down the course. 

The Bri-Stor cart got the crowd wooing and cheering with their slick design and electrical ingenious built in to the front and back of the cart. Suffering from a few teething problems from the back axle, the cart was launched with a running push start from team members and off they went.

The Apprentices from Alpha Manufacturing were up next where they took inspiration from Alpha's charity partners – Help for Heroes and built an army camouflaged tank-racer. We have received confirmation from the event organiser that the Alpha Tank probably won the prize for the most airborne of all Soapboxes going over the jump.

This year the Apprentices were assigned with an additional task which required the team to build the soapbox cart as an amphibious vehicle to operate in water. Sunday 2nd June will see the team take to water at the Darlaston Inn in Stone down the River Trent to Stafford and Stone Canoe club, approximately 2km; fingers crossed they stay afloat.

This was a great day all round and a pleasure for us to be involved not only in participating and sponsoring the race but also in raising awareness and support for our charity partner in the process.

FB IMG 1496177497456