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Bri-Stor Apprentices Exhibit at Cannock Chase Technology College

Apprenticeship Event Header

First year Bri-Stor apprentices exhibited at the recent Cannock Chase Technology college as part of this year’s apprentice recruitment programme.

Bri-Stor Group Apprentice Training Facility Completed


A brand-new apprenticeship training facility was completed this week after a 6-week project to build the dedicated learning centre, which will be the home of all Bri-Stor Group apprentices during their studies.

Bri Stor Systems Apprentices Race for Help for Heroes

BS soap Header

Bri-Stor Systems first year apprentices spent their May bank holiday raising funds for our charity partner Help for Heroes by competing in a Soap Box Derby at the local Stone festival.

Bri-Stor catch up with Higher Apprentice Jessica Thomson to see what's been happening over the last 18 months

jess engineering 1

In Jess’s own words, she explains what she has been learning over the last 18 months.

"Being a Bri-Stor Apprentice allows me to obtain my degree and develop in my career at the same time, which will give me a good head start into this industry. Using myself as an example of females in engineering roles I hope to breakdown the stereotype and inspire people into the endless possibilities of working in Engineering roles.“

The JCB Academy provide additional training to Bri-Stor Apprentices

JCB Electrical Training

Bill Green from The JCB Academy is on site this week providing additional electrical training to our Year 2 Apprentices.

Record Attendance for Apprenticeship Open Evening

Open Evening 1

The first Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Opening of 2018 was a resounding success, with record numbers of young people and parents attending the event.

Prospective Apprenticeship candidates of both Bri-Stor Systems and Alpha Manufacturing were invited, along with their parents to come and discover what the Apprenticeship programme has to offer.

Bri-Stor catch up with our Year 1 Apprentices


This week we have been catching up with our Year 1 Engineering Apprentices to see what they have been up to and what projects are on the horizon.

A Proud day for Bri-Stor Group Apprentices

Apprenticeship Presentation 2

Well done to all of our Year 2 Apprentices who have once again worked very hard on their studies and as a result have passed their NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations.

The young group gathered at Bri-Stor Group offices to be handed their certificates by Group Director Martin Smith, proudly watched by Apprentice Managers William Davies-Hill and Stephen Bowen who have mentored the group since they first arrived.

Martin commented afterwards: “They have all worked really hard so far, taking on everything we’ve asked of them and should be extremely proud of themselves today. For me it’s also a proud day as I know that the future of our business depends on young engineers like these and it makes me certain that we’re heading in the right direction”

We are looking forward to seeing the Apprentices put their new skills and knowledge in to practice on a day to day basis.

Bri-Stor group-apprentices

From Left to right: Group Managing Director Martin Smith, Apprentices Reuben Murcott, Adam Goody, Tayler Renshaw, Alex Orme, Lewis Parker, Chris Golding and Apprenticeship Manager William Davies-Hill

Local Students Visit Bri-Stor


Apprentice Visit HeaderBri-Stor Systems today welcomed a group of young students from a local High-school, who were keen to learn more about our Apprenticeship programme.

Apprentices in pole position


Our Apprentices have finished the 2nd Caterham Car Project.

Having prepared the workshop back in August ready for delivery of the Caterham Seven, the build is now complete after 10 weeks of hard work and determination.

Under guidance from Apprenticeship Manager William Davies-Hill, the Apprentices from Bri-Stor and Alpha Manufacturing have been following manufacturer instructions to build the self-assembly car.

A chance to build a quality sports car gives them the ideal opportunity to channel their energy to a constructive end, learn new skills and as a result they will be given the chance to go trackside and see the car on a local race track.

Well done to all the Apprentices who helped build the car from scratch; you did a great job.

The Caterham Wheels are Turning

Caterham Build Week 8

The Apprenticeships are continuing to make progress with the Caterham build which has seen it take to motion this week on its first test drive. The steering was on track, no visible leaks appeared and the gages on the dashboard all showed the right signals.

Work has been progressing on the interior of the car, which now looks close to finishing. The seats have been bolted in place, it is equipped with the centre console and the rear view mirror has been fitted.

The Apprentices have shown limitless enthusiasm and we are sure that their visit to a nearby race track in the coming weeks will be a day to remember.

The Caterham Build is Racing Forward


The Apprentices are over halfway through the Caterham build and it is going from strength to strength.

This week the indicators and the headlights will be assembled and fitted. The coolant and oil will be filled and ready for testing and if all this is achieved the team will start on the interior of the vehicle.

Well done to the team who have so far accomplished the build ahead of schedule.


Caterham build progresses ahead of schedule

Caterham Build week 3-4

The Apprentices have been working hard over the last couple of weeks which has seen the build of the Caterham progress ahead of schedule.

With a slightly different approach to the first build, the teams have fitted the engine at a slightly earlier stage. In addition to this, the front axle and brakes have now been assembled along with wiring electrical components and they have attached the coolant pipes.

The next stage will see them fit the role cage inside the car and then focus on finishing the rear suspension and rear wings.

Apprenticeship Manager William Davies-Hill says “The Apprentices have really been engaged in the build so far, resulting in a very successful few weeks and the build is well ahead of schedule”.

Caterham Build week 3-4 2

Caterham Build – Week 2

Caterham Week 2 -low

With a workshop full of spanners, spring washers and bolts, the Caterham build continues as team 2 start their nominated tasks and begin to feel the excitement of what the next 10 weeks will bring them.

This week will see the team put the gearbox on the bellhousing, in preparation of getting the engine ready to go into the car. The De Dion tube will also be assembled which holds the rear axle together.

This is where the build really starts to take shape, and no doubt the Apprentices will get a real appreciation for Caterham Kit cars.

 Caterham Build week 2

Caterham Build Project – Week 1

Fuelled by a passion for motorsport, Bri-Stor and Alpha Manufacturing Apprentices will take on the challenge of building a Caterham racing car.

Caterham Build week 1

The project started this week as team 1, consisting of Sam Thompson, Tayler Renshaw and Saisal Khan began by setting out the car parts and organising the components in to sections.

Having masked off parts of the chassis that need protecting, they will then begin building the front of the car, focusing on the suspension and the steering.

Project Manager Ian Buckley and William Davies-Hill will be on hand each week to assist the Apprentices with the build. Stephen Bowen, Apprenticeship Manager will also oversee the project from start to finish.

We are all looking forward to seeing this project progress, from arrival in a flat-pack, to assembling the vehicle from its individual parts to finale which will see the Apprentices race the car on a professional race track.

Caterham Build week 1.1

Hard Work Pays Off

Caterham Race Day 1

This week our Apprentices headed to Donnington race track with Bri-Stor Group Directors, Project Manager Ian Buckley and Apprentice Manager William Davies-Hill to experience a full day on the track with the Caterham 7 Kit Car. Over the past 3 months the team have gradually built the Caterham from scratch and as a result were rewarded with numerous laps around the track in their prized piece.

Joshua Crisp, Bri-Stor Systems Apprentice said of the day: “I Had Such an amazing experience at Donnington park with all the apprentices and managers from Bri-Stor Systems. Thrilled to have had this opportunity”.

Plans are already in place for the next Caterham project to be built by the next intake of Apprentices. Going forward, this is something Bri-Stor may continue to organise as this is a great way for them to develop their skills and improve their knowledge and understanding of engineering.

Caterham Race Day 2

Martin Smith commented “The lads did a brilliant job of the build and today was about giving them something to remember, as reward for the way they went about the project. The teams were so enthusiastic about the whole project throughout and end result was fantastic".

The Caterham - Wrapped to Perfection

Caterham Wrap

This week has seen a more creative aspect to the build. The Caterham has had a wrap designed and applied by skilled applicators and the end result is fantastic. It has transformed the look of the car with its vertical stripes; it's not quite as fast as a Dodge Viper but it certainly looks just as good.

The main aim for this week is to finish the wiring, check all fluids and bleeding and do a dry turn over.

The build is going from strength to strength and hopefully next week the Apprentices will get the chance to rev it up for the first time!

Caterham Build continues its build

Caterim Kit week 8

This week has been no different to any other with a busy schedule for the Caterham build. Our Apprentices have tackled electrics from wiring lights and adjusting indicators, putting their skills to the test.

Other mechanical components have been worked on this week including handbrake adjustment, oiling the engine and bleeding the brakes.

There are still some challenges ahead and these next few weeks will be testament to the build and completion of the car.

The Apprentice Caterham Project is racing ahead

Week 7

Over the last few weeks our Apprentices have been making exceptional progress on the Caterham build. The team have worked closely with each other to make sure that all elements have been assembled correctly, from interior fittings such as gear lever, steering wheel and a roll cage to final details such as electrical wiring, fitting the suspension, gearbox and radiator installation to name just a few.

Now about 2/3 of the way the way through the build, the team are beginning to talk about the final stages of the project and we can’t wait for them to fire it up for the first time.

Week 6

The build begins for the Caterham Kit Car

Our 2nd year Apprentices get under way with their 2017 project to build a Caterham kit car. Every week will see them progress through a pre-defined schedule which will result in a completed build. The build will take around 12 weeks and this will certainly challenge our Apprentices, especially in their technical skills. The build will include full assembly of drivetrain, engine, electricals, bodywork and fixings to produce a fully functional track day car.

This weeks’ task was to get to grips with fitting instructions and to start building the suspension wishbones. Not an easy task by far, but we have confidence that our Apprentices will complete this section ready for the next stage.

Atlas Coating Manager Ian Buckley, who is project managing the build said:
"It's a great project for the young Apprentices to be involved in and they've been really keen to get started. It's a good opportunity to hone their engineering skills whilst working on something really engaging interesting to them whilst building good teamwork skills. I think they'll be really proud of the finished project once its complete."

Caterim Kit Car 1

Apprentices ready to start the build of suspension wishbones.

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