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Van racking systems for plumbers

Van racking systems for plumbers

Plumbers are often confronted with the decision of choosing the right van racking system. Relying on old van racking can have a range of implications for a business. Organising and storing equipment well often improves workflow and longevity of tools and parts. In this article, we'll go through the best ways for plumbing companies to renovate their fleet for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Why Weight Matters in Commercial Fleet Conversions


“Liight-weighting” is one of the biggest concerns of the modern fleet manager, here’s a few reasons why...

Van racking solutions: testing and approval

van racking solutions 

Each business has individual requirements for its commercial fleet and the storage and van racking systems put in place. In this article, we will explore the rigorous testing and approval procedures here at Bri-Stor Systems, why they are in place and how they impact the use of the product.

The benefits of van racking

Why choose a Bri-Stor made-to-order van racking system for your fleet? Find out what to look for in the design, manufacture and delivery of a range of vehicle racking solutions.

Meeting Room for Stafford Chamber of Commerce Members

Showroom at Bri-Stor

If you're looking for a space where you can meet as a group, we can facilitate this at our site in Hixon, Stafford.

Van Safety Tips


If you are using a van for work, then you need to do so safely while protecting this vital asset, keeping it secure and making sure thieves think twice about stealing it or its contents. This should be a priority for every owner and here are the following tips for doing so:

Vehicle Racking Systems for Electricians - What Should You Use?

Here at Bri-Stor Systems, we understand that choosing the right van racking for your business can be tough and time consuming so we've sieved through electrician forums to get your most common problems solved. Read on to find out how to find out more about internal storage systems for electricians.