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Vehicle Racking Systems for Electricians - What Should You Use?

So Much Van Racking, Such Little Time: Get Organised

Problem: "I want to organise my storage as best I can without taking up too much of the room with loads of racking."

Solution: Oversized, clunky van racking can be a real issue when travelling from customer to customer. There's nothing worse than having an un-locatable rattling noise that persists throughout the day, so it's a no brainer really: get van racking that is bespoke to your vehicle. Whether you're starting out, or a well-established electrician, your equipment will inevitably grow as new products become available - getting organised from the beginning will save you time and money. It's important to make your commercial vehicle racking convenient and systematic so get it right the first time with a tailored design and fitting.

van racking 2

Lightweight Vehicle Storage, Heavy Savings

Problem: "The trouble with steel shelves is the weight they add."

Solution: This is an issue we hear about often from our electrician customer base (and was a problem that cropped up constantly on the online forums). Deciding what organisational framework to choose for the interior of your van can be very problematic as not only can the units themselves be costly but they can add considerable weight to your vehicle.

Heavy vehicle racking can also add to your fuel consumption which could have a devastating impact on cost effectiveness...especially for fleet operators. Choosing a lightweight yet durable and reliable material gives weight savings of 33% compared to existing materials.


Avoid an Electricians Worst Nightmare & Secure Your Tools!

Problem: "Well I have become the latest victim of this today! Multimeter, battery tester, Bosch drill and a Henry hoover stolen!"

Solution: Gone are the days when a sticker reading 'there are no tools left in this van overnight' deterred thieves from breaking in to your beloved van (let's be honest- did they ever work in the first place?) The best practice is always to take your tools in with you after a day's work, but it's understandable that you can't bring in everything from your vehicle. Choosing a storage system that encourages security and discourages thieves is the difference between an insurance claim or a full week's work with happy customers. This is why choosing a system that has drawers, cupboards, isolated modules, lift up doors with locks is essential in keeping your equipment away from the wandering eyes of passing thieves.

It's simple - choose a tailored, organised and secure structure to save money and time. Your future self will thank you for it!

Does this sound like something your van needs? Find out more information on our quality assured, lightweight ELITE van racking systems – they are the perfect solution for electricians!