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Van Safety Tips


• Van Safety
- While van manufacturers are doing their bit to ensure modern van safety is up to the same standard as cars, there's plenty that van owners can still do to ensure that these safety systems work at their best.
- It’s always worth understanding how any additional equipment works so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.
- Drivers should take the time to read the manual and van owners should make a point of familiarising their drivers with the safety aids on the vehicle.

• Van Loading
- Find out the maximum weight that your van can carry.
- It is important to have a level load so that neither the front or rear axle is overloaded.
- The heaviest items you are carrying should be loaded the lowest and between the front and rear axles, as well as along the centre line of the van (if this isn't possible, then heavier items should be balanced out on either side of the van for even loading).

• Secure Loading
- Ensure nothing in the load area will move while driving.
- Van Racking provides plenty of load securing options

• Driving
- Keeping your distance. Vans require a much longer braking system than cars, especially when carrying a heavy load.
- Knowing the height of your van. Large vehicles need extra room to manoeuvre, park and turn,
- Check your vehicle. Visibility matters so adjust mirrors accordingly. Checking oil and tyre pressures is always good practice.

• Security
- A tracking device can be added
-The ubiquitous 'No Tools Kept In This Vehicle Overnight' sticker might seem like a pointless exercise, but this could be a cheap deterrent that will see any potential thief thinking twice before breaking into your van.
- Security lighting is always a useful addition, while the latest CCTV cameras come with infra-red activation that will fire them up if they detect any motion