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The benefits of van racking


Why choose a Bri-Stor made-to-order van racking system for your fleet? Find out what to look for in the design, manufacture and delivery of a range of vehicle racking solutions.

Modular van racking systems with a quick installation time

Bri-Stor's van racking systems are based on individual modules which create maximum customisable flexibility for our customers - offering the ability to provide a completely bespoke solution to your business' racking requirements. Whether the racking solution is replicated across a fleet of work vans or unique to each individual vehicle, the adaptable manufacturing process ensures that the end product is tailored to your specific requirements.

Established in 1983, Bri-Stor Systems has 35 years' experience in designing, manufacturing and installing commercial vehicle conversions. A well organised, integrated team across all departments ensures that projects are delivered on time and to an exceptional standard. The company prides itself on the cleanliness and efficiency of its factory floor, the skill of its workforce and the precision in concept delivery.

Internal racking systems and how they can provide a greater return on investment

  • Organisation – Maintaining an efficient workspace is vital. In many industries, the work van is at the centre of productivity and keeping this area well organised is the beginning of an effectual workflow.
  • Professionalism – A unified fleet is important in brand coherence and is vital to consistent internal processes within a business.
  • Customisable – Save space by installing a unique solution that is bespoke to your business and its needs.
  • Safety of work equipment – Equipment is able to be contained in separate areas within the workspace. Individual compartments within the van protect the equipment from potential damage in transit.
  • Project quality – Quality can be assured throughout the project. Alpha Manufacturing Sheet Metal Fabrication Services (a subsidiary of Bri-Stor Systems) is under the same roof. Rather than outsourcing parts of the project to other companies, Bri-Stor is able to guarantee product excellence from beginning to end to provide a comprehensive, in-house service.
  • Material quality – Produced using an extremely high-strength, lightweight steel, the van racking systems are robust and long-lasting.
  • Accessories – Improve fleet racking by including innovative accessories that are bespoke to Bri-Stor's products. Improve functionality and efficiency today and save time and money for the business in the future.
  • Environment – Reduce your company's CO2 emissions by choosing a lightweight racking solution that makes the most of the space provided. Innovative steel developments at Bri-Stor allow us to provide an exceptional reduction in mass.
  • Save money – Choosing a lightweight racking system can dramatically reduce fuel costs for your business, ultimately improving profitability. Reducing the weight of our racking is one of our primary goals.
  • Non-intrusive installation – The methods we use to install Bri-Stor racking solutions protect the van's value and allows for changes in design in the future.

Are you doing everything possible to reduce the CO2 emissions and fuel cost of your fleet? Click here for a helpful resource that'll help you determine where you could be saving money.