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Van racking solutions: testing and approval


van racking solutions 

Each business has individual requirements for its commercial fleet and the storage and van racking systems put in place. In this article, we will explore the rigorous testing and approval procedures here at Bri-Stor Systems, why they are in place and how they impact the use of the product.

Manufactured in a controlled, quality-assured environment

When choosing your van racking supplier, it is vital that the production environment is considered carefully. Designing storage solutions for fleets can be a large undertaking and quality control should be considered from the beginning.

Routine crash testing for vehicle racking and storage


Further to the controlled manufacture of the racking components, it is important that the testing facilities are exceptional to ensure high-performance in usage and that maximum safety is achieved. The CAD racking designs should use accurate data following rigorous testing procedures. At Bri-Stor Systems, our products go through a number of rigorous testing procedures to ensure a comprehensive report has been established, these are:

  • Bulkhead load and impact assessment
  • Fastener load capacity
  • Racking durability testing
  • Body shell load capacity
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Crash testing simulation
  • External storage testing

Finite element analysis (FEA) basics

Finite element analysis, also known as the finite element method, is a way of solving problems in engineering and manufacturing. Using a system of algebraic equations, experts are able to determine the likeliness of error. The team then use this data to ensure greater operator safety of all products manufactured.

Durability and longevity

As well as safety testing, Bri-Stor's racking and storage solutions are also tested for their durability and longevity. All durability tests take place at Milbrook testing facilities. As independent and impartial quality assurers, Milbrook is able to ensure the performance of all Bri-Stor products. Under the accelerated durability test procedure D-02R, Bri-Stor's roofing equipment has been proven durable for over 60,000 miles of use. All roof bars, van roof loading systems and roof racks have been subjected to EC17 reverse acceleration sled crash testing to 23.6kg.

Did you know that Bri-Stor is an advisor to many UK transport associations and play a vital role in the application of safe loading practices? Click this link to learn more about testing and approval.