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Van racking systems for plumbers

Van racking systems for plumbers

Plumbers are often confronted with the decision of choosing the right van racking system. Relying on old van racking can have a range of implications for a business. Organising and storing equipment well often improves workflow and longevity of tools and parts. In this article, we'll go through the best ways for plumbing companies to renovate their fleet for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Plumbing van setup

The plumbing trade is one of the oldest trades of its kind - dating back to the Roman empire. As the plumbing systems in structures have evolved, so has the industry and the materials and tools used. The broad range of tools available for the plumbing trade in modern society means that organisations are putting greater emphasis on the plumbing van set up and maximising on space.

Considerations when fitting out a plumber's van

Organising your workforce's van is more important than ever. Without the proper shelving and storage, tools can become damaged, equipment is difficult to find and the van itself can deteriorate quickly. This can be extremely costly for companies as efficiency and safety of the workforce is compromised. Below are just a few of the considerations that should be carefully thought out before fitting out a plumber's work van.

  • Materials used on the job - Plumber's often keep long lengths of pipe, or irregularly shaped materials that will need to be stored securely to prevent trip hazards and the risk of injury.
  • Plumber's tools - The majority of the tools that plumbers keep in the van are expensive to replace. Some of the most common reasons for tool replacement is tools being broken underfoot or getting lost (and found later after a good, long sort out of the van).
  • Additional equipment - Cleaning equipment, tool boxes, paperwork, space for safety clothing etc. should be considered when designing van racking for plumbers.
  • Van space - Not only is van space quite limiting, it can be dangerous when foot space is taken up with equipment that has nowhere to go.
  • Job waste - One thing we're often told is that companies only provide the space for the equipment and tools used on the job. What isn't often considered is the waste that the plumbers bring away from the job.

Plumbing van shelving

The best way to ensure the longevity of equipment and the vehicle is to invest in a high-quality, lightweight van shelving system that doesn't add to fuel costs. A bespoke system, tailored to the needs of plumbing organisations, is the perfect solution for businesses looking to revolutionise their workflow.

Vantage van storage systems

Bri-Stor has a range of storage solutions that are a simple, cost-effective solution for a range of van types. Its adaptable nature means that it can be fitted to any commercial vehicle, saving up to 30% in weight. This lightweight material doesn't mean that the structure is flimsy and weak, the Vantage range is high strength and made from reinforced sheet metal. The key feature of the Vantage storage system is its innovative asymmetric design, which allows up to 3 metres of pipe to be stored internally. All of Bri-Stor's racking systems have been rigorously quality and safety tested for optimum quality assurance.

Plumbing van storage ideas

It can be difficult to 'think outside the box' when it comes to van storage. Surely a few drawers and shelves will do the job? The truth is that drawers that are not designed to fit the vehicle or the equipment they'll be housing, can still cause the same issues as before. Finding the right commercial van racking manufacturer and installation company can be difficult, particularly in an age where health and safety are valued above all.

A bespoke, consultative approach ensures that plumbing van storage is relevant to the business and its daily operations - making the best use of space. At Bri-Stor Systems, each plumbing business is treated as an individual, working with the organisation to overcome operational challenges. Once the consultation has taken place, in-house product designers create tailored shelving and storage solutions using advanced, online 3D modelling techniques.

best vehicle for a plumber

Best vehicle for a plumber

Each and every plumbing business is different, and the way that their plumbers operate also varies. Bri-Stor Systems are certified converters of a range of vehicles and recommend the following vehicles types:

  • Ford
    • Transit
    • Custom
    • Connect
    • Courier


  • Peugeot
    • Expert
    • Boxer


  • Renault
    • Traffic
    • Master


  • VW
    • Caddy
    • Crafter


  • Vauxhall
    • Vivaro
    • Combo
    • Movano

Bri-Stor Systems has a wealth of experience in the conversion of a range of vehicle types for many industries, click here to view the sectors we serve.