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Bri-Stor Group Help Out Local Business After Theft Of Sign

After seeing a disheartening plea from a local business, the Bri-Stor group have stepped in and come to their rescue.

Springslade Lodge, a local café situated on Cannock Chase, recently took to social media to express their anger about how their iconic tea pot sign had been stolen, and not for the first time. Due to the rural location of the café, this sign has been stolen twice in the last 7 years.

As a local café for many Bri-Stor staff members, this became a big talking point among many of the employees, prompting Bri-Stor to step in and replace the sign at Springslade Lodge for free.  

Utilising our sister company, Alpha manufacturing took to the creation side of the sign and had the sign cut out of stainless steel to ensure that it wouldn’t become weather damaged with it being displayed constantly outside of the café. The thickness of the stainless-steel sign has allowed for the sign to be bolted to the floor, hopefully preventing any further theft.  Our in-house graphics department, Hex Signs and Graphics made sure this tea pot came to life, with an incredible graphics print that has been spread across the sign.

Staff members at Bri-Stor Systems have been out and installed the sign back to its rightful home. Employees and customers at Springslade Lodge were incredibly grateful for the replacement sign, with many customers cheering and taking photos as the sign was placed back on the post taking its pride of place.

As a group, we’re extremely happy that we could help out a local business. Although this opportunity arose through something negative, we were pleased that we could have such a positive impact on a company and help them out through these challenging times.

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