Transparent BG Bri-Stor System Working With Trim-It For Mobile Barbershop Conversions UK Man Accreditation

Bri-Stor System Working With Trim-It For Mobile Barbershop Conversions

Bri-Stor Systems is excited to announce that we are closely working with TRIM-IT, the UK’s largest mobile barbershop. Growing their business to cover more and more of the UK, TRIM-IT offers a convenient service bringing your barber to you, whether that be at your home, gym or office.
Thrilled to have this opportunity to work on such a unique conversion, Bri-Stor Systems will complete a total of 124 vehicles within a 2-year time frame. This exciting project showcases the journey that TRIM-IT has undergone from a one off van, to a more prosperous and successful business in a forever changing and fast paced society.
With the ability to book a haircut on your phone and have your barber turn up on your doorstep, this innovative company brings a fresh breath of air to the industry whilst still maintaining the same first class service from haircuts to beard trims. All whilst being able to enjoy a cold drink in the luxury of your own personal barbershop on wheels.
This impressive new project will be completed by our professionals at our Bri-Stor site in Hixon, with  23 of the  vans converted and on the road by Q3, 2021.
As with all customers, our partnership with TRIM-IT includes their own bespoke customer portal. This gives TRIM-IT themselves the ability to order replacement parts, additional storage and vehicle liveries whenever, wherever. 24/7 access will allow TRIM-IT to download documents, manuals and user guides including an interactive vehicle handover video.