Transparent BG Bri-Stor Systems Awarded Quality Certificate At The Highest Level UK Man Accreditation

Bri-Stor Systems Awarded Quality Certificate At The Highest Level

Quality Certificate


Earlier this month, Bri-Stor Systems was awarded a level 3 Quality Certificate for conversion activities by the PSA Group. This certificate, which has been awarded at the highest level, was presented to Bri-Stor systems for the superior quality management of the company’s conversions.

The PSA group, which is now the parent group that encompasses Peugeot, Citroen and Vauxhall, recently audited Bri-Stor and found that Bri-Stor exceeded their requirements in all areas.

The PSA group is determined to build closer relationships with quality converters of LCVs. In order to build these relationships, the PSA group embarked on a program to audit potential companies to ensure quality management practices of the conversions are met.

The customer relationship and specification clarity at Bri-Stor was inspected by the PSA group, as well as the design, procurement, build, final inspection, ongoing improvement and level of awareness of vehicle legislation.

Bri-Stor systems will is now able to provide the PSA group and its customers with products which will be used to support PSA brands.