Transparent BG Bri-Stor Systems features in Channel 4 show ‘The Money Maker’ UK Man Accreditation

Bri-Stor Systems features in Channel 4 show ‘The Money Maker’

Staffordshire-based van conversion business Bri-Stor Systems appeared last night on the popular prime-time Channel 4 show ‘The Money Maker’, featuring the mobile barber business – TRIM-IT.  The collaboration between Bri-Stor Systems and TRIM-IT, which started in October 2020, resulted in the development of a luxury, state-of-the-art mobile barbers which appeared on last night’s show, demonstrating Bri-Stor Systems’ commitment to working on complex and bespoke projects.


Commenting on the partnership with the TRIM-IT team, Bri-Stor Systems’ Sales Director Jay Akerman says: “the relationship with the guys at TRIM-IT exemplifies the very best of Bri-Stor Systems – taking a wildly ambitions concept and turning it into reality.  The development process, as viewers will have observed, can bring about its challenges, but working in true partnership, ultimately delivered the right result.  The outcome of this project will see us deliver many more vehicles for the TRIM-IT franchise and demonstrates our true passion for working with start-up businesses and entrepreneurs – the lifeblood of the UK economy as we recover from the pandemic.”


The TRIM-IT van contains a range of features that deliver the ultimate barber shop experience.  From backlit wall features incorporating the TRIM-IT logo, casual seating for waiting clients, the use of a range of materials which bring texture and ambience to the environment to the integration of an on-board energy centre.  Jay continues: “delivering a vehicle that minimises the impact on the environment was crucial.  It was essential to design an energy system that would deliver between 8 and 10 hours of constant power with the engine turned off.  Integrating that technology into the design was a critical factor and our new product development (NPD) team delivered a seamless solution, with zero impact on the overall aesthetic.”


To watch the episode, click here