Transparent BG Daniel Bell - Engineering Manager UK Man Accreditation
Dan Bell

Daniel Bell 

Engineering Manager

Interested in design and engineering from an early age, it was clear that Dan’s career would take this path. As Dan approaches his five year anniversary with the Bri-Stor Group, his passion and drive for engineering is evident as he becomes Bri-Stor Systems’ Engineering Manager.

Dan explains how his career in engineering took off after university: “My initial choice after A Levels was to pursue graphic design, but through circumstances I enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan University studying product design.  Reflecting on that choice, it was exactly the right decision for me.”

Graduating with a first class honours degree, Dan joined a local firm designing air conditioning systems and very quickly adapted to a fast-paced engineering environment, as he explains: “I loved my role and I worked hard to develop my core, engineering skills. After a period I decided I needed more progression and spotting an opportunity in the Bri-Stor Group, I made the move.”


Joining the business in 2017 as a Design Engineer, Dan focused his efforts on developing his engineering skills, Dan tells us more: “The Bri-Stor Group was a really attractive opportunity, not least of all because of the tremendous growth the Group was experiencing.  I knew that this environment would expand my skills very quickly.” Dan’s first promotion came within two years, taking on the role of Senior Projects Engineer. Fast forward another 12 months and he was offered the role of Technical Account Manager.  This role would see Dan take on added responsibility in account management, he shares his thoughts on this opportunity: “Initially I was quite unsure about an account management role, I’m a pure engineer at heart, but I could see the obvious engineering benefits of seeing the fleet conversion process from the customers’ perspective.”

As Dan started his new role the world was struck by the pandemic and Dan found himself working from home, an experience that would actually bring real tangible benefits to his role today as Engineering Manager. “I used the lockdown period to really get to grips with our business from the customer perspective and while I found the role a little daunting, it actually brought a new level of understanding to my role as an engineer.  Seeing the world through the eyes of our customers is probably the best lesson I have learnt.”

Thriving in his role during the pandemic, Dan’s integrity and determination to succeed didn’t go unnoticed and in January 2022, he was promoted to Engineering Manager, he shares these words: “My focus is to see the engineering team go from strength to strength. The account management role, without question, gave me a broader understanding of the value we can bring to customers and it’s with this knowledge I intend to shape the engineering team. The work ethic amongst the team is indisputable, the wealth of knowledge is vast, my role is to ensure that we keep the customer at the centre of our decisions – a responsibility I take very seriously.”


Martin Smith 

Group CEO

Growing up in Staffordshire, just a few miles from the family business, Martin Smith spent much of his childhood watching his parents build Bri-Stor Systems Limited (Bri-Stor is an abbreviation of British Storage). Today, as CEO of the Bri-Stor Group, he reflects on his own career and the tough lessons he learned along the way. 

Simon Webb 

Managing Director 

Simon Webb, Managing Director of Bri-Stor Systems knows all about hard work.  Leaving school in the 80s, his first experience of engineering came about when he started a four-year Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship at Portsmouth based firm Dunham-Bush Ltd. 


Jack Draper

Sales Manager

With 15 years’ experience in the van conversion industry, Jack Draper lives and breathes Bri-Stor Systems with specialist knowledge of the welfare vehicle market.  Joining us initially in 2017 and after a brief spell elsewhere, re-joining in August 2020, Jack leads the relationship with our welfare vehicle customers.  

Paul Airston 

Operations Manager 

Describing Bri-Stor Systems, Operations Manager Paul Airston is passionate about the business.  Joining sister-company Alpha Manufacturing in 2004, like many colleagues in the business, Paul has enjoyed a variety of roles in the Group and today leads the operational performance of Bri-Stor Systems.

Andrew Webber 

Compliance Manager 

When it comes to total compliance with regulations and legislation governing the fleet vehicle sector, Andrew Webber, Bri-Stor Systems’ Compliance Manager is the man in charge of ensuring every Bri-Stor Systems’ van conversion is fully compliant