Transparent BG First Aid Training For Bri-Stor Group Staff UK Man Accreditation

First Aid Training For Bri-Stor Group Staff

With 2020 placing a hold on most work place activities, one thing that we are able to continue with is the first aid qualifications that are offered at Bri-Stor.

The level 3 First Aid At Work Qualification was undertaken by a number of staff members, who now hold this valid qualification for the next 3 years.  Employees are now qualified in a number of areas such as preforming CPR, dealing with seizures and applying bandages, as well as a number of other first aid categories.

All topics covered and discussed allow the first aider to gain the knowledge needed in order to administer any treatment. Additionally, staff members were made aware of the next steps and advice to give to anyone they administer first aid to.  

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