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Greg - engineering manager

Greg Howell

Engineering Manager 

Joining Bri-Stor Systems in 2010, Greg Howell leads the engineering division and along with his team is responsible for the world-class engineering standards that differentiate Bri-Stor Systems in the van conversion market.  Starting his career as a manufacturing apprentice, Greg’s reputation amongst colleagues and customers is centred around the delivery of uncompromising standards in design, engineering and quality. Greg explains what drives and motivates him in his role as Engineering Manager. 

“I came through the early part of my career as an Apprentice which gave me a solid foundation in manufacturing and engineering and after completing my apprenticeship, I found myself in a CAD role programming machinery.  Reflecting on that period, the knowledge and insight that I gained has been invaluable to my career so far. My first role in Bri-Stor Systems was as a Project Engineer, reporting to Simon Webb who at that time was Engineering Manager, and I immediately felt like I’d found the perfect environment to grow my career.  The business is incredibly dynamic and fast-paced, granted that’s not for everybody, but I love the energy and commitment of the entire team, it makes a huge difference to our performance.  Bri-Stor Systems and our sister-company Alpha Manufacturing are both leaders in the markets we serve, and regardless of how much we invest in machinery and technology, it’s the talent and commitment of the people in the business that are responsible for our success.  It’s that high-achievement culture which underpins the entire business.”

With responsibility for a large team of engineering colleagues including new product development and prototyping, Greg also takes a keen interest in the Apprenticeship Scheme with ten former apprentices currently in his various teams, he comments: “Starting out my own career as an apprentice gave me a solid grounding to be able to do what I do today.  Certainly, for engineering and manufacturing roles, combining education and on-the-job training is by far the best way to get a foot on the career ladder and explore a number of disciplines simultaneously.  That approach certainly worked for me and there’s no question, we will always support the careers of young people with a willingness to learn and the mindset to challenge themselves.”

With a complex and multi-disciplined team to manage and lead, Greg enjoys the challenge of the role.  Known for his absolute commitment to the customer experience, he concludes with these words: “Achieving a consistent, high-quality output is completely reliant on every member of the team having an appreciation of the bigger picture around them and this is something we nurture heavily throughout our production planning.  This is a people-first business and that culture ultimately drives our continued success.”

Martin Smith

Group CEO

Growing up in Staffordshire, just a few miles from the family business, Martin Smith spent much of his childhood watching his parents build Bri-Stor Systems Limited (Bri-Stor is an abbreviation of British Storage). Today, as CEO of the Bri-Stor Group, he reflects on his own career and the tough lessons he learned along the way.

Simon Webb 

Managing Director 

Simon Webb, Managing Director of Bri-Stor Systems knows all about hard work.  Leaving school in the 80s, his first experience of engineering came about when he started a four-year Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship at Portsmouth based firm Dunham-Bush Ltd. 

Karen Barnacle

Group HR Manager 

At just 17, Karen joined the Bri-Stor Group as a receptionist.  Unsure of her career path at that point, she loved the vibrant atmosphere of the Bri-Stor Group.  Today, almost three decades on, Karen holds the most senior HR position across the Group

Stefan Callear

New Product Development Manager

Describing the new product development (NPD) team at Bri-Stor Systems, NPD Manager Stefan Callear explains that the team’s broad range of expertise and skills gives them a unique advantage when it comes to bringing value to the engineering process.

Andy Skelton

Customer Handover Manager 

Joining Bri-Stor Systems in January 2020 as Customer Handover Manager, Andy Skelton is entirely focused on the customer experience.  With first-class credentials working as a service manager for one of the world’s leading automotive brands before becoming an account manager in the van conversion sector