Transparent BG  I looked at the scheme and I was blown away by how varied and practical it is UK Man Accreditation

 I looked at the scheme and I was blown away by how varied and practical it is

Cameron Robertson, 2nd Year Apprentice, Bri-Stor Systems                  

When Cameron approached Year 11 at school he already knew that A ‘Levels wasn’t the route for him so he started researching Apprenticeship Schemes around the Staffordshire area.  Discovering the Scheme at Bri-Stor Systems, Cameron was quick to apply, he explains more: “I didn’t love school.  It wasn’t so much the academic stuff; it was more the environment.  I found it really dull and I was always thinking about starting my career as quickly as possible.”

Cameron had always considered a career as an auto electrician or mechanic so when he researched Bri-Stor Systems, it sounded right up his street, as he tells us: “I looked at the Apprenticeship Scheme and I was blown away by how varied and practical it is.  A lot of Schemes are quite dull to be honest and although there is a fair bit of classroom work in year one, the Bri-Stor Scheme is really well balanced. It’s a completely different situation to school, everybody is on first name terms and you’re treated as an equal.  We do a lot of team-building activities and although we had to miss our residential trip to Elan Valley because of COVID we’ve got that to look forward to before we complete the Apprenticeship.  We also get the chance to design and build a soap box car and in year three we’ll be building a Caterham or an Ultima RS – this is the only Scheme that I know that offers such interesting and varied opportunities.  It’s awesome.”

The Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Scheme is very much centered around personal growth and professional aptitude, and this is something that Cameron has really embraced. “It’s only now that we are in year two that we can fully reflect on what we achieved in year one.  I’ve really grown in confidence and although the adjustment from school to work was quite challenging we’ve got loads of support from colleagues and managers.  In particular, our direct manager, Will is great.  He’s tough with us but we know he’s got our best interest at heart. He’s been brilliant at really helping us consider our career choices and although I’ve always had my heart set on being an auto electrician, my ambitions have really changed – I’m really considering a degree in electrical engineering – a route I would never have considered if it weren’t for the opportunity at Bri-Stor Systems.”

Would you recommend the Bri-Stor Systems Apprenticeship Scheme? “Absolutely.  One hundred per cent.  It’s given me so much confidence and I’m really finding my way in my career.  I’ve naturally drifted into a work mindset and I feel really independent.”

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