Transparent BG Jack Draper - Sales Manager UK Man Accreditation

Jack Draper 

Sales Manager 

With 15 years’ experience in the van conversion industry, Jack Draper lives and breathes Bri-Stor Systems with specialist knowledge of the welfare vehicle market.  Joining us initially in 2017 and after a brief spell elsewhere, re-joining in August 2020, Jack leads the relationship with our welfare vehicle customers.  He explains more about his career and his energy and passion for the welfare market.

“When I left school I was desperate to get into work and got straight into my first position in the van conversion market.  It was a great grounding and I was fortunate enough to work through a number of departments which allowed me to see the industry from a range of perspectives.  Ultimately, my true passion is for key account management and business development.  I’m totally driven by the customer experience which is what appealed to me about Bri-Stor Systems.  With an unrivalled reputation for customer service and renowned for going the extra mile, I really respect the core values of the business.”

Jack is motivated by the complexity and opportunity presented by the welfare vehicle market and shares these thoughts: “welfare vehicles have come on in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and I am proud that we have been at the forefront of that development.  The needs of the operative remain entirely central to our own new product development strategy and particularly in light of COVID, we are now installing a sophisticated range of solutions that keep the operative safe in a hygienic environment.  Working with our welfare customers, our responsibility is to constantly innovate and evolve new solutions that improve the vehicle as a work-base.  I’m particularly interested in maximising the use of welfare vehicles in a wider fleet and how we can support our customers with greater on-road efficiencies.  Equally, we’re also committed to the development of vehicles that meet the needs of both male and female operatives – a simple notion, but one that is often overlooked.  The welfare vehicle market is unique and has its own set of parameters and opportunities – this is by far the most exciting and dynamic environment I’ve ever worked in, which ultimately brings tremendous benefit to our customers.”

Martin Smith 

Group CEO

Growing up in Staffordshire, just a few miles from the family business, Martin Smith spent much of his childhood watching his parents build Bri-Stor Systems Limited (Bri-Stor is an abbreviation of British Storage). Today, as CEO of the Bri-Stor Group, he reflects on his own career and the tough lessons he learned along the way. 

Simon Webb 

Managing Director 

Simon Webb, Managing Director of Bri-Stor Systems knows all about hard work.  Leaving school in the 80s, his first experience of engineering came about when he started a four-year Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship at Portsmouth based firm Dunham-Bush Ltd. 

Karen Barnacle

Group HR Manager 

At just 17, Karen joined the Bri-Stor Group as a receptionist.  Unsure of her career path at that point, she loved the vibrant atmosphere of the Bri-Stor Group.  Today, almost three decades on, Karen holds the most senior HR position across the Group


Stefan Callear

New Product Development Manager

Describing the new product development (NPD) team at Bri-Stor Systems, NPD Manager Stefan Callear explains that the team’s broad range of expertise and skills gives them a unique advantage when it comes to bringing value to the engineering process.

Neil Prescott 

Prototype Manager 

With almost 30 years working in the Bri-Stor Group, Neil Prescott has seen the business from every perspective.  It’s with this unique insight that Neil leads the prototype team and works closely with engineering colleagues to deliver the industry’s most advanced van conversion systems.