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Bri-Stor Wins The Innovation Award At The 2019 Gas Industry Awards

10 June 2019

The partnership between Bri-Stor Systems, Cadent and Clayton Power UK impressed the judges this year at the Gas Industry Awards. The collaboration of the companies scooped up the Innovation Award with the Sustainable Vehicle Auxiliary Power System.

The Gas Industry Awards is a prestigious event that brings together almost 700 gas professionals. The event, which is run by the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers, is designed to recognise and reward the outstanding achievements of individuals and businesses working across the gas industry.

The collaboration between the three companies stood out from the rest of the crowd, with the Sustainable Vehicle Auxiliary Power System snapping up the Innovation Award. The state-of-the-art lithium battery power system, which has been installed in a number of Cadent vehicles, allows the companies gas engineers to run power tools without using the vehicle’s diesel engine or a separate diesel generator.

The lithium battery power system charges while the van is being driven, harnessing power generated by the vehicle’s alternator. This allows for the power to be used once the engineer arrives at their destination.

The award judges were impressed by the results, with CO2 emissions and fuel usage drastically reduce. Noise pollution has also been lowered, as the batteries are effectively silent when compared to the sound of a van engine or diesel generator.

Bri-Stor’s Managing Director Simon Webb said: This award is a testament to the 2 years of engineering development work that has been undertaken in partnership with Cadent and Clayton Power UK.’

‘Collectively we saw the environmental and operational benefits of generating an Auxiliary Power System and have taken that idea and turned it in to reality. To be recognised at a National Level for that work is something that we are very proud of’