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Apprentice Outward Bound Course

18 December 2015

As part of Bri-Stor’s Apprentice programme, Successfactory™ have been asked to provide options for some fun and inspiring activities that focus on raising awareness of the need to work as one team more effectively, using Continuous Improvement as a focus and building the skill set to work in current business climates.The proposal outlines a suggested 3 day programme.

Objectives from the course
To design and deliver a team challenge that:
1. Develops a strong team for their future apprentice training
2. Raises awareness of each other’s strengths and builds on them
3. Enhances trust, communication, agility, flexibility and collaboration

apprentice 1

“ Bri-stor Systems and Alpha Manufacturing's continued commitment to the apprenticeship program with their 9 new apprentices was reinforced with a three day programme, The apprentices learnt essential communicative, physical and leadership skills. We are committed to give our apprentices the essential building blocks for a great start in their career at both Bri-stor and Alpha Manufacturing, these skills will help them to improve and enhance all possible situations they’ll be confronted with in the future, as Apprentice Manager, my aim was  to take our apprentices out of their normal environment, exposing them to personal challenges and adventure, teaching them to push the boundaries of what they believe is possible with the aim of transferring  their new skills back at the workplace.” Quoted Jason Till, Maintenance and Apprentice Manager

Download the pdf for more images