Transparent BG Mark Lodge - Quality Manager UK Man Accreditation
Mark Lodge

Mark Lodge 

Quality Manager 


With 30 years’ experience working for one of the UK’s most well-known roadside assistance and vehicle breakdown firms, Mark Lodge, Bri-Stor Systems’ Quality Manager understands exactly what the customer demands when it comes to fleet conversion. 

Joining the business in January 2017, Mark had already completed a six-month role in Bri-Stor Systems acting on behalf of his former employer, so with free access to see Bri-Stor Systems from the customer’s perspective, Mark’s impact as Quality Manager has been significant from day one, Mark comments: “Working in the business as a customer was a real eye-opener and with completely free access to every function and department I was able to effectively judge the quality performance of the business through a slightly different lens.  Four years on, these unique insights continue to guide and direct the quality team and enable us to remain focused on a world-class customer experience and output.”

Mark leads a large team of quality professionals, providing support for the Bri-Stor Systems’ engineering team, the on-road support team and the Warranty department, Mark continues: “Across every function within the business we have a deep passion for getting it right first time.  And in the event that something goes wrong we act swiftly to put the situation right.  This is all about mindset, and whether it’s my colleagues in the road-side support service, or the team working in the final audit bays, we all share the same common customer goal.”

Since Mark joined the business, the level of sophistication and process-driven capability in the quality team has grown significantly, yet Mark is continuously driving even greater standards, as he concludes: “Quality is not an ultimate destination – the team is constantly evolving and improving as we face new challenges.  The one constant is the heavy reliance on each team member in the quality department to remain focused on the customer experience.  With almost three decades working on the other side of the fence I’ll never lose sight of what the customer ultimately demands of us, and that benefits each and every fleet customer that comes through the gates.”

Quality Inspector

Martin Smith 

Group CEO

Growing up in Staffordshire, just a few miles from the family business, Martin Smith spent much of his childhood watching his parents build Bri-Stor Systems Limited (Bri-Stor is an abbreviation of British Storage). Today, as CEO of the Bri-Stor Group, he reflects on his own career and the tough lessons he learned along the way. 

Simon Webb 

Managing Director 

Simon Webb, Managing Director of Bri-Stor Systems knows all about hard work.  Leaving school in the 80s, his first experience of engineering came about when he started a four-year Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship at Portsmouth based firm Dunham-Bush Ltd. 


Paul Airston 

Operations Manager 

Describing Bri-Stor Systems, Operations Manager Paul Airston is passionate about the business.  Joining sister-company Alpha Manufacturing in 2004, like many colleagues in the business, Paul has enjoyed a variety of roles in the Group and today leads the operational performance of Bri-Stor Systems.

Andy Webber

Compliance Manager

When it comes to total compliance with regulations and legislation governing the fleet vehicle sector, Andrew Webber, Bri-Stor Systems’ Compliance Manager is the man in charge of ensuring every Bri-Stor Systems’ van conversion is fully compliant.


Jack Draper

Sales Manager

With 15 years’ experience in the van conversion industry, Jack Draper lives and breathes Bri-Stor Systems with specialist knowledge of the welfare vehicle market.  Joining us initially in 2017 and after a brief spell elsewhere, re-joining in August 2020, Jack leads the relationship with our welfare vehicle customers.