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“My Apprenticeship has helped to fast-track my career”

Alex Billings

The Bri-Stor Group Apprenticeship Scheme has developed over 100 young students to grow into leaders in their field for over 10 years. After beginning his further education at sixth form, Graduate Apprentice and Production Engineer Alex Billings decided an Apprenticeship was the route he wanted to pursue.

Alex describes his journey through his Apprenticeship and how it has helped him fast-track his career since graduating:

“I enjoyed the academic side of school and so thought that studying engineering at sixth form would be the right path for me, but during my time there I found myself wanting to gain hands-on, practical engineering experience. It was my friend from school who recommended the Bri-Stor Systems Apprenticeship, he had recently attended the Groups Apprenticeship Open Evening and had told me how impressed he was with the factory. Although I was too late for the Open Evening, I researched the Apprenticeship Programme and was confident signing up was the right choice for my future.

“During the first year, we designed, built and raced our own soapbox which was so much fun, and where I started to discover my passion for design engineering. I was always eager to learn and to take on any challenge throughout my Apprenticeship, and I was so pleased when this was recognised by my managers and I was promoted to the role of development engineer in my second year.

“I learnt so much in this role, being responsible for time management of projects within our prototype department, making sure all jobs were complete in the correct time, which often meant working with various areas of the production line, including with sister company Alpha Manufacturing to make sure all parts were ready on time and to the right specification for the customer.

“It wasn’t long before my knowledge of the production process led me to progress into the role of Production Engineer in my third year. As Production Engineer, I create step-by-step guides for the manufacturing process of projects, giving timelines and procedures that the project must follow to be completed on time in-full.”

Recruitment Open Day

After I graduated, I was also given the opportunity to develop my design engineering skills with a secondment onto the New Product Development Team. I was so pleased to have been given the opportunity to develop my skills using the design software, using both my creative but also my practical engineering side to develop products.

My Apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to fast-track my career after graduation and to experience various areas of production which has allowed me to not only develop my skills but to find where I see my future career.

I’d recommend an Apprenticeship as it’s the perfect way to gain the experience needed to progress in your career while achieving a qualification. At Bri-Stor Systems, you’re not just another number, they recognise your individual skills and progress you based on that.”