Transparent BG Hardtops UK Man Accreditation

Lightweight, durable & aerodynamically designed 

When it comes to commercial vehicle conversions we pride ourselves on being industry leaders. Our hardtop conversions are no different!

Developed in response to customer demand for a light, durable and practical storage solution for pick up vehicles. Designed to easily fit to all major makes and models of pick up, the Bri-Stor hardtop is manufactured from mild steel and is available with gullwing side door access and a range of internal storage options and accessories.

Low-side hardtop

 The Lowside hardtop is available with a standard or a full tailgate door, allowing even easier access from the rear of the vehicle. Access for operators is greatly improved thanks to the increased size of the gullwing side-door. (1263mm x 744mm as opposed to 1033mm x 455mm).

Contego hardtop 

The original Bri-Stor Contego Hardtop was developed to maximise usable space in pickups and to offer additional security when working in the field. For customers whose operatives work off road, the ability to carry specialised equipment in their 4×4 vehicles is crucial.

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