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EasiPower Lithium Power Supply

The EasiPower all in one L.P.S (Lithium Power Supply) is a revolutionary compact on-board power supply which negates the need for engine idling or the use of a traditional generator. The EasiPower offers remarkable savings in fuel consumption and in C02 emissions, two of the biggest concerns of todays’ modern fleet manager.

Previously, there was only a choice between noisy gasoline generators or inverter systems based on lead acid batteries of dubious quality and reliability. Today, you can choose the green, noiseless and powerful LPS, now available in three variants: LPS 1200W-60Ah, LPS 1500W-100Ah and LPS 2500W-100Ah.


Power devices while in the field

The EasiPower is ideal for powering tools, appliances, lighting and any other small electrical devices you may need while in the field. It can also be removed from the vehicle and transported using a handy purpose-built trolley, making it an ideal option for work site power. The EasiPower can be charged via D.C mains, vehicle alternator whilst driving or solar panels and it out-performs traditional batteries in both charge time and battery lifespan.

EasiPower L.P.S key features:

Powerful lithium – With more than twice as long operating time, the LPS clearly outperforms traditional lead batteries.

8x faster charging – One full charge of an LPS can be done in 1 hour 40 minutes – much faster than the 8-10 hours needed for a lead battery.

6x longer lifespan – The LPS is maintenance-free and lasts 6 times longer with 2000 charge/discharges compared to 350 for traditional lead batteries.

Compact and low weight – Only 1/3 the weight of lead batteries with the same amount of available energy.

Fuel saving and CO2 friendly – The LPS allows you to use energy without expensive and polluting engine idling or use of a generator.

Lithium Ion Battery – Powerful and compact 12V lithium ion battery including BMS.

Power Inverter – 230V/50Hz pure sine wave output for power tools, battery chargers and other appliances.

Intelligent charger – Charge directly from the mains or another 230V power supply.

DC-DC Booster – Charge directly from an alternator, also in new vans with Euro 6.

EasiPower L.P.S specification:

  • 230V/50Hz output
  • Peak:3000 W
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Built-in Li-Ion Battery
  • Efficient energy: 1056 Wh
  • Charging: Alternator, Solar panels, Grid

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