Transparent BG Van Accessories UK Man Accreditation

Accessories for every conversion 

At Bri-Stor, we offer a range of van accessories which we can fit as part of your full vehicle conversion. We have a large variety of van accessories, including:

  • Storage products – such as bins, boxes, baskets, document holders, and tool cases.
  • Lights – both inner work lamps and larger beacons suitable for outdoor use.
  • Tools – a range of vices to assist you in your work.
  • Power Inverters 
storage bins

Protection for your seats – working with and carrying machinery can often cause a build up of dirt inside your van, which is why we offer a range of seat covers to protect your van seats from any grime or dirt build-up that would occur.

Van steps – to help you easily access your van when carrying large or heavy objects.

Health and safety products – first aid kits, eye wash kits, and fire extinguishers can all come in handy when working with potentially dangerous tools and materials.

Hygiene products – working with machinery and certain materials can build up dirt, which is why we offer hand wash units, soap dispensers, and a variety of other hygiene products you may find useful to have in your van.

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