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Operating for more than 35 years, Bri-Stor Systems has a proven track record in providing an exceptional level of expertise to a range of sectors. We supply high quality van racking systems to a range of household names – including BT, National Grid, Homeserve, Network Rail and much more. Bri-Stor delivers vehicle racking that is efficient in cost and use.

Our range incorporates a wide selection of van racking accessories and internal storage solutions including cupboards, draw systems, shelving, compartments, rails and bins. Modular van racking systems can be configured with different storage options to suit the specific needs of your fleet.

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Van Racking Systems
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Why choose Bri-Stor Van Racking Systems? 

  • Innovation – Specially developed over a wealth of vehicle conversion experience, Bri-Stor Systems uses the most advanced technology in racking design, material development and safety certification to develop a racking solution that delivers the very best in performance.
  • Tailored to you – Each racking solution is bespoke to your application, ensuring that all maximum work efficiency can be achieved. With our own powder coating plant on-site, your racking solution will be designed and manufactured to reflect brand consistency across the fleet.
  • Money saving – We manufacture van racking solutions that are lightweight and cost-effective, maximising your fleet’s fuel efficiency. Here at Bri-Stor, we design, manufacture and fit van racking systems at our 30-acre site in Staffordshire. As part of the Bri-Stor group, we also have a comprehensive sheet metal manufacturing facility, a powder coating plant, internal test centre and equipped fitting capabilities on-site. This means that there is no need for us to outsource, meaning that cost savings are passed on to our customers.
  • Quality controlled – Having all facilities on-site means that we have strict quality control processes from design through to fitting and delivery. In addition, Bri-Stor Systems are founding members of the Commercial Vehicle Racking Association and are IATF:16949:2016, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • Safety – All of Bri-Stor’s vehicle racking solutions have undergone a rigorous testing and approval process to ensure that all systems are compliant with Bri-Stor’s strict quality and safety standards. As well as placing a high value on internal safety procedures, Bri-Stor also acts as an advisor for many UK Transport Associations.
  • Warranty – Our dedicated warranty team, consisting of experienced engineers are on hand to respond to any quality concerns or offsite fitting requirements.

Elite Storage Systems

This internal van racking solution offers an effective and practical solution for commercial vehicle storage. We offer the Elite range in four standard sizes, which cater for all commercial vehicles currently available in the UK.

The Elite range has been designed based on feedback from fleet professionals that use our system daily – combined with our extensive experience of designing, manufacturing and installing commercial vehicle storage solutions for 35 years. 

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Vantage Storage Systems 

Through a unique and innovative design, the Vantage Storage System transforms the capabilities of your van, allowing you to carry up to 3x more tools and materials. Easy installation and simple fixings mean that the system can be removed and re-installed, giving longevity and a value for money investment for any professional tradesman.

The Vantage range is a modular van racking system, which can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Custom Van Storage Solutions

Whether you operate a small number of vehicles or a fleet of thousands, Bri-Stor are able to offer a custom van storage solution which perfectly addresses your specific requirements.

Our highly experienced engineering teams have the knowledge and innovative approach to devise the optimal storage solution for you.

Custom Van Storage

Modular Van Racking and Shelving

We understand that each customer has different requirements when it comes to van racking. As a result, our van racking systems are designed to suit the sector in which the person or company works. Choosing a high quality system from Bri Stor will allow for maximum efficiency in day to day working.

By optimising the amount of space you have available, you are able to better organise work processes and thus work much faster. This leads to happier employees, business owners and most importantly – satisfied customers. We believe our van racking solutions are the best choice for carrying out your daily work activities, improving on overall safety and productivity.

With a new and freshly organised space, you will no longer be left aimlessly trying to find the right tools and materials. You can be safe in the knowledge that your equipment will be easily accessible, saving you plenty of time for the job at hand.

Van Storage Systems

Heavy Duty Van Racking

Heavy duty van racking is ideal for busy working vans and van fleets. Our durable systems are able to meet the tough and varied requirements of all tradesmen, capable of carrying the equipment you need. Furthermore, we ensure that everything is kept securely in place when you’re on the road to prevent scratching and any other damage to the interior of the vehicle. This also offers excellent safety and protection for both driver and passengers in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Our van storage solutions make for a great long term investment and they can be supplied to a large range of vehicle manufacturers and models. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your van racking system fit my vehicle?

As we provide modular van racking, we’ll find the best solution for every vehicle make. No matter how big or small your van is, we can provide the necessary assistance to ensure you can make the best use of the space available.

Can I assemble and install it myself?

All of our racking products come with clear instructions, meaning that anyone with a basic DIY knowledge should be able to carry out the installation. However, for more complex designs, we would recommend getting in touch with us first for the most appropriate assembly method. Feel free to contact us for any advice!

Can I use wooden racking in my van?

Many sole traders or smaller fleets choose wooden racking as it’s a cheaper option. However, depending on the use of the vehicle, wooden racking is often easily damaged and not as durable as metal alternatives. We often find that wooden racking needs to be replaced or repaired throughout the lifespan of the vehicle, whereas metal racking will last much longer.

Do van racking systems add much weight to the vehicle?

Van racking is available in a variety of materials, from simple ply wood to composites and plastic. We have engineered our racking ranges to find the perfect balance between weight saving and longevity. For this reason, we use a high-strength, lightweight steel which minimises the weight increase of each conversion, while offering durability to ensure that your new van racking system will last for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Is your van racking crash tested?

All of our racking undergoes stringent safety testing including crash testing. In addition, all of our van storage products are subject to the following tests:

  • Bulkhead Load and Impact Assessment.
  • Fastener Load CapacityRacking Durability Testing.
  • Body Shell Load Capacity.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.
  • External Storage Testing.

Do you offer van roof equipment or accessories?

Yes we do! Our reliable and professional roof products are ideal for gaining extra loading space, allowing you to safely transport items of various sizes to their required destination. We also offer a range of van accessories which we can fit as part of your full vehicle conversion.

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