Transparent BG EasiLoad Ladder Roof Storage System UK Man Accreditation

Safe, simple and inexpensive 

Loading equipment to the roof of a panel van can cause safety risks, especially when combined with winter conditions and difficult means of access. The EasiLoad significantly reduces the risk of strain and injury caused by loading and unloading from a vehicle roof.

The EasiLoad was developed in response to consumer demand for a safe, simple and inexpensive means of loading and securing ladders or other equipment onto the roof of commercial vehicles. Now in its third generation, the EasiLoad 3 has evolved into the most practical, safe and efficient ladder storage system on the market.

The EasiLoad 3 system consists of a fixed outer and sliding inner, galvanised mild steel carrier. The sliding carrier is unlocked by a specially designed key, which also acts as a pull handle. Once the key is engaged and activated the double locking mechanism is released, allowing the carrier to slide out of the fixed frame, pivot and present itself in an upright position at the rear of the vehicle.

Full control at all times

Throughout this process the operator has full control at all times, standing safely behind the vehicle away from other traffic and avoiding pedestrians in the walkway. Gas assisted struts take all of the ladder weight and allow them to be easily and safely lowered by the operator without any strain at all.

The EasiLoad 3 is available in two lengths (2.4 metre & 3.2 metre) and in either single or double ladder variations and is fully adjustable to accept all ladder types. Load/ unload height is also completely adjustable, meaning that it can be tailored to suit the operator.

Key features of the EasiLoad 3

  • Gas strut assisted load/ unload – significantly reduces the risk of injury
  • Fully adjustable to carry most ladder types
  • Adjustable deployment height
  • Lightweight construction
  • Available in 2.4m & 3.1m variations
  • Secure and lockable

Single EasiLoad

  • 2.4 Metre
  • Weight (inc. ladder clamps): 33.1kg Height: 410mm
  • Length: 2.54m
  • Width: 750mm
  • 3.2 Metre
  • Weight (inc. ladder clamps): 38.3kg Height: 410mm
  • Length: 3.24m
  • Width: 750mm

Double EasiLoad

  • 2.4 Metre
  • Weight (inc. ladder clamps): 37.5kg Height: 410mm
  • Length: 3.24m
  • Width: 1.3m
  • 3.2 Metre
  • Weight (inc. ladder clamps): 42.7kg Height: 410mm
  • Length: 3.24m
  • Width: 1.3m

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