Transparent BG "Pandemic" a Challenge to Business Operation UK Man Accreditation

“Pandemic” a Challenge to Business Operation

With the disruption and uncertainty the pandemic has brought to many industry sectors, the need to review business strategies, change operational procedures and adapt product output will be a few of the considerations many businesses will have made to stay operational.

Now, as the months pass and we face continued challenges, we want to reassure you that our job is entirely focused on bringing some certainty to you – something we all need more of right now. We understand that to keep our customers moving, we have to remain flexible and adapt our working processes in these strange times. For most of our customers, whether that’s a sole trader or a large fleet, staying operation is a priority.  Each and every vehicle conversion going through our facility today is our number one priority, our promise is that from our first communication to your vehicle handover our team will deliver on that service promise.

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, our team of experts will be minimising our business risk by advance procurement of raw materials and liaising directly with vehicle manufacturers to navigate inbound deliveries.

Throughout our manufacturing and production facilities our team members are operating over shifts, reducing contact whilst maintaining productivity. Office based staff are more connected now than ever before, operating in a digitally connected environment entirely capable of delivering our customer communication and project delivery. 

As the world around us changes, we are changing too.  We can’t anticipate the future, but we can, and always will make vans work.