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Van Roof Equipment

Our van roof equipment is of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on the ability to offer solutions that suit your daily requirements. Our customers can be certain that our van roof equipment will be:

  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Long Lasting
  • Modern Design
  • No Drilling into Vehicle
  • Easy Fitting
  • No Maintenance
  • High Level of Corrosion Resistance
  • Life-time Tested to European Standards

To see Bri-Stor Systems full range of roof racking and equipment please download the Roof Equipment Brochure below or contact our sales team for more information:

Call: 01889 271 202 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bri-Stor Roof Equipment Brochure

Roof Loading Systems


Offering an easier way of loading ladders from the roof of a vehicle with a rotating storage system. The City-Load uses high strength lightweight aluminium extruded sections to provide a robust lightweight support framework and a rigid lightweight aluminium ladder support.

City-Load offers a stylish, aerodynamic storage system capable of retaining up-to 2 ladders and/or roof mounted storage tubes with a rotational feature for city use. This product is ideal for use in built-up areas, where parking may be an issue. This system enables the load to be safely lowered from a vehicle roof and incorporates a pivot mechanism, enabling unloading from either side of the vehicle. Also effective when the vehicle is parallel parked, the load operator can load or unload even when another vehicle is 16 inches away.

van roof equipment - Bri-Stor Systems

The operator is able to release the securing mechanism whilst standing at the rear of the vehicle, using a purpose designed ‘key-handle’ which both releases the locking catch and allows the system to be controlled during deployment. The deployment action is smooth in operation with damping to allow the fully loaded carrier to descend in a controlled manner in turn providing a safe working environment for the operator.

City-Load incorporates ‘Twin Safety Catches’ for added security, with a simple unlocking mechanism, a built-in handle for ease of use with medium to small height vehicles, and an extended handle option for larger vehicles.

Single City-Load
Weight (inc ladder clamps): 58kg

Double City-Load
Weight (inc ladder clamps): 71kg


Loading equipment to the roof of a panel van can cause safety risks, especially when combined with winter conditions and difficult means of access. The Easi-Load significantly reduces the risk of strain and injury caused by loading and unloading from a vehicle roof.

The Easi-Load was developed in response to consumer demand for a safe, simple and inexpensive means of loading and securing ladders or other equipment onto the roof of commercial vehicles.

The Original Easi-Load system consists of a fixed outer and sliding inner, galvanised mild steel carrier. The sliding carrier is unlocked by a specially designed key, which also acts as a pull handle. Once the key is engaged and activated this releases the double locking mechanism and allows the carrier to slide out of the fixed frame, pivot and present itself in an upright position at the rear of the vehicle. Throughout this process the operator has full control at all times, standing safely behind the vehicle away from other traffic and avoiding pedestrians in the walkway.

van roof racking - Bri-Stor Systems

Single Original Easi-Load
Weight: 45kg
Capacity: 75kg
Length: 2.8m
Width: 0.5mm

Double Original Easi-Load
Weight: 53kg
Capacity: 75kg
Length: 2.8m
Width: 1m

The New Generation Easi-Load is manufactured from Aluminium with a high quality, professional finish to enhance your company image. The new Easi-Load includes a dampener system for the smooth deployment of the load. The New Generation Easi-Load is available as a single or double carrying system.

Single New Easi-Load
Weight (inc ladder clamps):
Low Roof: 38.4kg
High Roof: 39.75kg
Length: 2.3m
Width: 0.56m

Double New Easi-Load
Weight (inc ladder clamps):
Low Roof: 48kg
High Roof: 49.4kg
Length: 2.3m
Width: 1.15m

If you have any questions about our van roof equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01889 271 202 or submit an enquiry.