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Seeing the world through the eyes of our customers


“As customer needs change, so must we” Mark Lodge, Bri-Stor Systems’ Quality Manager

Keeping a close relationship with our customers is something that sets us apart from our competitors according to Bri-Stor Systems’ Quality Manager, Mark Lodge.  As vehicle conversion specialists, we know that once a conversion is complete, it’s important that the aftercare service is delivered to the same first-class standards. 

Mark Lodge explains more: “We’re constantly adapting the way we work to meet the needs of our customers – as customer needs change, so must we.  It’s this level of flexibility that sets us apart from the competition and even after a vehicle has left the building, our warranty team continue to nurture a relationship with the customer and the vehicle operative.”

The role of the warranty team is a crucial part of the Bri-Stor Systems total offer, enabling fleets to remain operational 365 days per year, as Mark continues: “The priority for any fleet is to maximise on-the-road time which is why we have structured our warranty and support team to work around the driver’s schedule – not ours. It might seem like a small thing, but it remains our absolute priority to keep a fleet vehicle on the road and operational.”

So how does the warranty and quality team ultimately benefit the overall customer experience?

Mark explains: “Every warranty issue is raised and documented and allows us to track any specific trends or reoccurring faults – that’s an unusual situation – but it’s because of our data capture that we’re able to mitigate reoccurring faults.  This information is fed back into our engineering team, and we can very quickly identify root cause and apply the necessary containment and rectification measures.  This is a rare situation but ultimately it’s through close collaboration with our customers our service levels remain industry leading.”