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Enhance your Light Commercial Vehicle

The whole area of ‘Type Approval’ can be daunting and yet anyone newly registering a modified vehicle must, by law, meet a whole raft of such legislation. In essence the original unmodified vehicle will have undergone numerous tests and checks to ensure it is fully compliant with all relevant legislation in the first place. As soon as anyone changes it they take on responsibility for its continued compliance. No compliance can mean: no insurance, risk of prosecution, health and safety infringements, potential difficulties on resale and MOT’s, etc. etc.

Recognising there are many situations where the original specification of a vehicle is not suitable for the planned use there are approved methods to permit modifications but necessarily they involve having considerable knowledge of the many regulations and often require ‘Official’ tests and checks. The most common of these is known as IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) which involves submitting each modified vehicle to a test station along with supporting documentation to show that the changes comply. If you are modifying just one vehicle that is an option but as numbers rise it is increasingly complex and challenging to manage.

A few Companies who modify new vehicles have been granted exemption from such independent testing by virtue of the ‘Enhancement Scheme’ under the jurisdiction of the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency). To be granted such an exemption requires that these Companies meet stringent criterion on Regulation Knowledge, Design and Manufacturing quality standards and have formal associations with the original Manufacturers which gives them access to the vehicle construction technical details.  BRI-STOR has such approval and therefore is in a great position to assist you with such modifications on a small or large scale. 

There is of course a limit to how ‘wild’ the modification can be before some official testing is needed, but BRI-STOR know where this is and are fully able to deal with the various Authorities in such cases to get you the desired vehicle for your needs whilst ensuring full legislation compliance.