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Spray Linings

Spray linings at Bri-Stor

Spray linings are spray on protective coatings suitable for a variety of uses and situation as they are hard wearing. Also, the fact that they are spray on means that they can contour to any shaped surface, making them suitable for the backs of vans, trailers pick-up trucks, and many more applications. Spray linings are useful for protecting your vehicle from scratches or dents that could be made by carrying certain materials. Spray linings also provide your vehicle with both an air tight and water tight seal and covering.

Spray linings - the process

The spray linings we provide at Bri-Stor are of the highest quality, and are applied by ourselves on site. The application process consists of four simple steps:

  1. Any areas that are not to be coated in the spray lining are covered and protected. The rest of the vehicles is also masked off so as to avoid the spray lining spreading to places it shouldn't.
  2. The area that is to have to spray lining applied is cleaned; this ensures that any wax, grease or other material that could prevent the sticking of the spray lining is removed.
  3. The surface is then scuffed lightly all over to provide a surface that the spray lining can easily adhere to.
  4. The spray lining is then sprayed onto the surface, and dries in approximately 3 - 5 seconds.

Spray linings available to you

Are you interested in learning more about the spray linings available at Bri-Stor? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01889 271 202 or email us for more information.