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EasiPower HEAD 2

Easy access to power everywhere with the EasiPower lithium power source.

EasiPower is an all-in-one power supply which offers huge advantages over traditional lead batteries and allows you to use 230V and 12V simultaneously without use of a generator, or the need for expensive and polluting engine idling - EasiPower produces zero noise & zero CO2.

Compact, lightweight and robust, the EasiPower is ideal for power tools, lighting, compressors or any other mobile electrical equipment you may carry. 


Powerful Lithium

  • With more than twice as long operating time, the LPS clearly outperforms traditional lead batteries.

6x Faster Charging

  • One full charge of an LPS can be done in 1 hour 40 minutes – much faster than the 8-10 hours needed for a lead battery.

6x Longer Lifespan

  • The LPS is maintenance-free and lasts 6 times longer with 2000 charges/discharges compared to 350 for traditional lead batteries.

Compact & Low Weight

  • Only 1/3 the weight of lead batteries with the same amount of available energy.

Fuel Saving & CO 2-friendly

  • The LPS allows you to use energy without expensive and polluting engine idling, or use of a generator.

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