Transparent BG SAFETY & TESTSING UK Man Accreditation

Providing Safer Van Storage Solutions

We understand that safety is critical to all of our customers and as such, every conversion and product used by Bri-Stor Systems is subject to intensive safety testing. Bri-Stor are an advisor to many UK Transport Associations so have an important role in advising safe loading practices.

Using computer based Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Failure Mode (FMEA) analysis we are able to develop design features, which provide greater operator safety in day to day use and in the event of a vehicle collision.

In House Testing

All of Bri-Stor Systems Ltd products are UK manufactured on-site in Staffordshire which allows us complete control over quality. All components are manufactured to high specification and subject to stringent quality checks.

We conduct the following tests on our van storage and van racking:

  • Bulkhead Load and Impact Assessment
  • Fastener Load CapacityRacking Durability Testing
  • Body Shell Load Capacity
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Crash Testing Simulation
  • External Storage Testing

Durability Test – Bri-Stor systems products are tested at Milbrook testing ground under an accelerated durability test procedure D-02R, which is equivalent to 160,000km of motoring or a typical 10 year life cycle.

Bri-Stor vehicle roofing equipment has also been proven durable for over 60,000 miles of use. All roof bars, van roof loading systems and roof racks have been subjected to crash testing – EC17 reverse acceleration sled test to 23.6kg.