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Product innovation bri-stor

Here at Bri-Stor Systems, we welcome opportunities for innovation and development. We work with closely with customers to create innovative solutions that meet their own specific requirements. 

Product Development:

Our prototype department is devoted to the cultivation of contemporary equipment whilst refining and advancing our current range.

Our 35 years experience in commercial vehicle conversion means that we understand and can dvelop products which overcome everyday problems for our customers. 

A few examples of Bri-Stor developed solutions...

Contego Hardtops

Contego Hardtop

The Bri-Stor CONTEGO Hardtop has been designed to operate under challenging conditions whilst providing the operator with a substantial roof loading capacity.

It features a large internal payload space, easy access through optional gullwing side loading doors and a strong high strength steel watertight structure.

Bri-Stor Hardtop


 Easi-Load Roof Equipment

Easi-Load roof racking


Developed in responce to customer demand, the Easi-Load and City-Load roof racking systems have been designed to significantly reduce risk of strain or injury casued by loading/ unloading from a vehicle roof. 

Both systems offer customers a perectly simple and inexpensive means of loading and securing ladders or other equipment onto the roof of commercial vehicles.

Eas-Load Close Up


The Easi-Load system consists of a fixed outer and sliding inner, galvanised mild steel carrier. The sliding carrier is unlocked by a specially designed key, which also acts as a pull handle.

Once the key is engaged and activated, double locking mechanism is released which allows the carrier to slide out of the fixed frame, pivot and present itself in an upright position at the rear of the vehicle.

Throughout this process the operator has full control at all times, standing safely behind the vehicle away from other traffic and avoiding pedestrians in the walkway.

 Easi Load Roof System


Static Racking System 



Our Static Racking has been designed to optimise load area whilst retaining ample storage capacity.

The Static Rack comes in a variety of sizes and components complete with baskets, bins and tool clips.

This enables our customers to tailor their van racking to meet their exact needs with a bespoke solution.

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For further information about any of these Bri-Stor Systems products, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our professional sales advisors will be happy to help.

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