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Safety & Testing

Providing Safer Van Storage Solutions 

Bri-Stor Systems Ltd products are UK manufactured on-site in Staffordshire enabling us complete control over our operations to help guarantee the highest quality standards. With our van storage solutions safety is paramount, therefore we conduct a number of testing processes for all our UK manufactured van storage and van racking systems. Bri-Stor are an advisor to many UK Transport Associations so have an important role in advising safe loading practices.

safety hero - Bri-Stor Systems

We conduct the following tests on our van storage and van racking:

  • Bulkhead Load and Impact Assessment
  • Fastener Load Capacity
  • Racking Durability Testing
  • Body Shell Load Capacity
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Crash Testing Simulation
  • External Storage Testing


safety vehicle - Bri-Stor GroupSafety & Testing Van Conversions - Bri-Stor Systems

Our van roof equipment – roof bars, van roof loading systems and roof racks have been tested using the following procedures:

  • Durability Test – Having been tested at Milbrook testing ground under an accelerated durability test procedure D-02R which is equivalent to 160,000km of motoring or a typical 10 year life cycle. The test was repeated twice to give a total distance of 3,500 km. Following this Bri-Stor are pleased to say our vehicle roofing equipment has been proven durable for over 60,000 miles of use.
  • Crash Test – EC17 reverse acceleration sled test to 23.6kg.

Durability Testing Van Storage Systems - Bri-Stor SystemsTesting Van Storage Systems - Bri-Stor Systems

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