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Bri-Stor social corporate responsibility

Social Responsibility

  • Bri-Stor Systems recognises its corporate social responsibility to be of ever increasing importance. We are accredited with an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification and have been consolidating our efforts to increase green credentials, reduce waste and lower our distribution costs for over 7 years.

  • Bri-Stor Systems operates an Apprenticeship Scheme, recruiting new apprentices annually. This allows individuals the opportunity to acquire a foothold within the engineering industry. When considering the difficulties associated with acquiring a job, particularly at a young age, it is clear to see the importance of promoting Apprenticeships.

    The programme exposes candidates to a wide variety of engineering operations such as welding, CNC operation, prototyping and much more. Alongside in-house experience, we offer a day release to college which will further build on the potential candidate’s engineering knowledge.

    Many of our apprentices stay within the company after completion of the scheme and progress to the next stage of their career. We take much pride in our apprenticeship scheme and enjoy providing candidates with the skills they need to start their career.

  • We offer an equipment recycling option to our returning customers. Our Elite van storage systems are manufactured from high strength steel and durability tested to ensure they hold integrity. After 3 to 4 years in one van, our Elite system may be installed into a new vehicle; reducing your costs and impact on the environment.

KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2014

The KMF Young Engineer of the Year competition is a wonderful opportunity for young, aspirant engineers to gain some valuable knowledge and open doors to potential career opportunities. To achieve this competition, KMF had teamed up with the Greenpower project, an organisation that aims to change current views about engineering, presenting it as a fascinating, relevant and a dynamic career choice for any young person.

The competition pairs organisations, such as Bri-Stor Systems, with high schools located within the Stoke-On-Trent area. The aim of this year’s competition (2014) was to design and construct a kit car with the essential components provided by the Greenpower project. Once the base components are established, the candidates are then tasked with designing their own unique kit car to bring to the race track.

Bri-Stor Systems had paired up with a selected group of young candidates from Madely High School. After a few weeks of introductory meetings and design plans, it was straight off to the workshop to put their plans into practice. Soon after, it was time for the races to begin with a guest appearance from Jason Bradbury, offering his support and enthusiasm for the next generation of engineers!

KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2014 - Bri-Stor SystemsKMF Young Engineer of the Year 2014 - Bri-Stor Systems

The race day consisted of 2x90 minute races in which the aspiring young candidates had their finished car taken to the track. After some minor hardships in the first race, Madeley High School managed to grasp 3rd place in the second race. A gratifying victory for all the hard work and commitment the candidates had shown throughout.

KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2014 - Bri-Stor SystemsKMF Young Engineer of the Year 2014 - Bri-Stor Systems

After completion of the races, the KMF board of judges were tasked with the awarding of young engineer of the year. The following quotation from Bri-Stor Systems representative, Mikolaj Jaszczolt, helps to summarise the event:

"It was really rewarding to be able to share Bri-Stor Systems experience and expertise with the next generation of engineers”