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Simple, lightweight, modular racking system.

The ELITE internal racking range offers an effective and practical solution for commercial vehicle storage. The range consists of numerous configurable storage components, allowing our customers to customise the racking to suit their specific needs. This means that whether you have a small fleet, or thousands of vehicles, the ELITE racking range is a cost-effective solution.

Manufactured from high-strength steel and finished with a high-quality powder coat, the ELITE range is lightweight yet durable and robust.

Elite storage system van racking

Elite racking system features:

  • Adaptable – The Elite internal storage system can be fitted to any commercial vehicle and its modular design allows customers to tailor it to suit their requirements.
  • Lightweight & High Strength – Up to 30% weight saving over alternative racking solutions thanks to Elite’s clever high strength steel construction. This translates to a significant annual reduction in fuel consumption across a fleet, minimising environmental impact and reducing costs for operators.
  • Innovative Space Saving – The Elite system features many clever storage modules that can easily be combined to maximise your vehicle’s storage capacity. The entire range has been engineered to maximise available space inside the van with functional, practical storage modules.
  • Cost Effective – Choose only what you need. From a single racking unit to a full conversion, Elite offers great value for money.

Elite racking modules:

We offer the ELITE racking range in four standard sizes which cater for all commercial vehicles currently available in the UK. Choose from four widths and three heights to customise your storage system to your needs.

  • Widths: 580mm, 830mm, 1120mm, 1620mm
  • Heights: 950mm, 1250mm & 1625mm

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