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Specialised Bespoke Vehicle Conversions

At Bri-Stor Systems, we are able to create bespoke vehicle conversions – designed around the specific needs of your fleet. Our customer-centric, consultative approach means that we fully understand your requirements from the outset of the project and can offer a fully customised conversion to suit.

As part of an integrated, all-in-one service, we take care of every step of your custom project on our 30-acre site. This gives us optimum control over the design, manufacture and quality. An on-site sheet metal fabrication facility and powder coating plant means that we do not outsource at any point in the project. Bri-Stor Systems offers customers tailored van storage solutions which are quality controlled and cost-effective, with minimum turnaround times and a low environmental impact. Find out more below:

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bespoke vehicle conversions

For Organisations of All Sizes

Bri-Stor Systems work with businesses of all sizes – from fleets of 10 vehicles to fleets of 1000, all within a whole range of business sectors – from service engineers to catering companies.

Our broad range of industry knowledge gives our team the experience to be able to advise on a range of project types. From prototyping through to delivery, your fleet will be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Bespoke Vehicle Conversions – The Benefits

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Improved Productivity

We understand that each business has their own individual requirements for their commercial fleet vehicles. We’re industry-leaders in equipping workforces with transport solutions that improve efficiency.

Our bespoke conversions are renowned for their dependability and efficiency. We use lightweight, yet sturdy materials to increase the usable space of your vehicle – delivering the best combination to help speed up job completion and save on fuel!

Furthermore, all of our solutions meet strict safety standards, allowing us to produce an exceptional conversion which not only maximises storage capacity but is able to endure the rigours of commercial life.


Our product developers work hard to ensure that we provide industry-leading solutions that save on space. This commitment to innovation has led to us developing world-renowned lightweight racking solutions that have been specifically designed to improve employee productivity and business profitability.

Our modular van racking systems can incorporate shelves, drawers, cabinets, tool racks, lock boxes and more.

bespoke vehicle conversions
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Let our designers know what kind of savings your organisation is aiming to make and our engineers will work with you to find a solution. Our lightweight range can save money on fuel costs and provide a more environmentally-friendly solution.

We will configure a conversion that is fit-for-purpose, cost effective and safe. Get in touch with us today!

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