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De-Fleet Services

Let Bri-Stor handle your fleet vehicles end of life.

At Bri-Stor Systems, we provide high quality de-fleet services. We believe in supporting our customer through the entire life of the vehicle lease/ownership, by offering both in-life reinstatement and end of life decommissioning.

As part of Bri-Stor’s complete end to end service, we are able to offer a fully managed, professional end of life de fleet service. Our expert team will manage the entire process – from logistics management and inspection services, to reconditioning including smart repairs.

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de-fleet services

What is De-Fleeting?

The de-fleeting process is usually an end of life service whereby vehicles are prepared for auction or resale. This involves the removal of any aftermarket modifications or livery in addition to servicing, maintenance and repairs. Vehicles go through this process to ensure they’re in the best condition, able to attract higher value offers and increase the chances of a sale.

The professional de-fleeting of vehicles is an important process for all fleet managers, allowing you to maximise the residual value of your fleet. It’s important to know exactly what condition vehicles are in. Some damage may be easy to spot, whereas other damage may only be visible through further inspection. It’s worth having everything examined and assessed by a professional, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team today!


Dedicated De-Fleet Services Team

Our team is able to liaise with leasing companies (or through our supply network) to ensure the vehicle is safe and road legal through servicing, MOT, tyre replacement, windscreen repair/replacement. Once complete, we can also arrange the return of the vehicle to your location or hold awaiting collection.

We can decommission a vehicle, removing furniture and livery to predefined standards. The transport (or disposal) of items can be arranged if required. Once complete, the delivery to a pre-agreed location can be arranged or a collection can be sorted.

de-fleet services
de-fleet services

In House Facilities

We deliver services to a standard our customers expect and deserve. An on-site, purpose built working area provides a flexible working environment that can be adapted to suit you and your vehicle’s requirements.

For Bri-Stor customers, this means fast and efficient de-fleet services, tailored to the specific needs of their fleet.