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Specialists in Light Commercial Vehicle Conversions

For almost four decades, Bri-Stor Systems has been a market leader in commercial vehicle conversions. Our customer-centric approach to each project has seen us build long standing relationships with many of the largest UK fleet customers across various sectors. We currently convert over 8000 vehicles per year!

Established in 1983, Bri-Stor has developed an extensive range of commercial vehicle conversion solutions – including internal van racking, roof equipment, on board power and van racking accessories. We aspire to be the complete conversion partner, offering a full turnkey solution in a flexible and dynamic way. Our expertise extends over a wide spectrum of services and our complete managed solution comprises consultancy and design through to in house manufacture, installation, livery application and vehicle de-fleet.

Innovation is at the core of our business and we work closely with customers to quickly understand their specific requirements, developing custom products and solutions where required.

Who are Bri-Stor Systems


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Our Mission

“Bri-Stor Systems Ltd takes great pride in improving specialist industries through design innovation, quality in service and product safety by converting light commercial vehicles for your specific requirements.

We will commit ourselves to your needs and help your business increase productivity. We offer solutions to improve standards and develop health and safety, all of this, while enhancing your company image.

In essence, we promise to provide a customer service that will benefit your business and the industry in which you work.”

Bri-Stor Systems Service

Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of hundreds, Bri-Stor guarantees the highest level of customer service in every project that we undertake. Our flexible and responsive team are always on hand to discuss your project.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer bespoke vehicle conversions and van storage solutions that suit your unique requirements. We can enhance your business through increased productivity, improved health and safety, time and fuel efficiency and overall company image.



Customer Service 

The Bri-Stor Group of companies are family owned and many of our employees have been with us for decades. This “close knit” feel filters into the customer service that we offer. Our customers find us easy to deal with thanks to our open and welcoming approach. We build genuine, enduring relationships with our customers, which makes working with us straightforward.



After Sales Team


All three Bri-Stor Group companies operate from the same 30 Acre site. This enables improved quality control, project management and time and energy efficiency across all three businesses.


Bri-Stor Group

Bri-Stor Systems is part of the Bri-Stor Group, which also includes Alpha Manufacturing and Atlas Coatings. All three companies are located on one 30-acre site in Hixon, Staffordshire and employ approximately 400 people across the group.

Having all three businesses in one location enables us to offer an agile, efficient and flexible service to our customers. By keeping all aspects of the production process in house, we are able to have maximum control over quality, costs and project timescales.

Bri-Stor Systems facility incorporates manufacturing facilities, assembly, fitting workshops, vehicle commissioning centre and holding compound for over 2000+ vehicles.


Our manufacturing facility was established in 1989 as a means of bringing our 100% of our production in house, as opposed to outsourcing. This allows us to offer a much more efficient and cost-effective service with tighter control over the entire manufacturing process.

This places Bri-Stor Systems in a unique position within our market place as the only LCV converter to offer not only 100% UK manufacturing but also 100% in house manufacturing. Our sister companies are all located on the same site as ourselves, meaning that manufacturing, powder coating, vehicle conversion and livery is all handled under one roof.


Bri-Stor Systems

Bri-Stor Systems offer the complete commercial vehicle conversion service including design, full assembly and installation, vehicle storage delivery and vehicle livery.

Bri-Stor Systems service some of the largest and most recognisable commercial fleets in the UK and their facilities incorporate assembly, fitting workshops, a vehicle commissioning centre and a holding compound for over 2000 vehicles.

Folding Area - Vehicle Conversion Specialists

Alpha Manufacturing

Alpha Manufacturing offers the complete precision sheet metal service including laser cutting, punch, fold, turning, machining and welding across a huge range of sectors – including automotive, aerospace, gas and oil, security and much more.

Alpha Manufacturing produces 100% of fixtures and fittings used in Bri-Stor systems commercial vehicle conversions. This in-house production of components allows for much tighter control over production management and quality control.

Atlas Powder Coating

Atlas Powder Coating provides a range of high quality finishes to various products, servicing both Alpha Manufacturing and Bri-Stor as an in-house powder coating facility. Atlas Powder coating is able to offer over 1000 hours anti-corrosion resistance providing a durable finish, enabling our products to operate efficiently even in harsh conditions.


Here at Bri-Stor Systems, we welcome opportunities for innovation and development. We work closely with customers to create innovative  solutions that meet their own specific requirements.


Product Development:

Our prototype department is devoted to the cultivation of contemporary equipment, whilst refining and advancing our current range.

Due to our 35 years’ experience in commercial vehicle conversions, we understand and can develop products which overcome everyday problems for our customers.

EasiLoad Roof Racking

Loading equipment to the roof of a panel van can pose various safety risks, especially when combined with winter conditions and difficult means of access. The EasiLoad significantly reduces the risk of strain or injury caused by loading and unloading ladders from a vehicle roof. Developed in response to customer demand, the EasiLoad and City-Load roof racking systems have been designed to significantly reduce risk of strain or injury caused by loading.


The EasiLoad van ladder storage system consists of a fixed outer and sliding inner, aluminium carrier. The sliding carrier is unlocked by a specially designed key, which also acts as a pull handle.

Once the key is engaged and activated, the double locking mechanism is released which allows the carrier to slide out of the fixed frame, pivot and present itself in an upright position at the rear of the vehicle. Throughout this process the operator has full control at all times, standing safely behind the vehicle away from other traffic and avoiding pedestrians in the walkway.

ladder storage for vans


Every vehicle that leaves our production line is subject to a stringent final inspection by a dedicated inspection team before sign off.


van quality inspection

Quality Standards

Bri-Stor are committed to the highest possible quality standards in all of our vehicle conversions. From manufacture to install, quality is at the forefront of our process. Our in-house test facility is able to provide accurate data to support our CAD-based designs. We have a dedicated quality management team who ensure our stringent process controls are adhered to at every stage of the production process. Any faults are then then subject to a robust corrective action system.

Key Features of the Bri-Stor Quality System:

  • Stringent process controls.
  • Robust corrective action system.
  • In-house design and product testing.
  • Members of the SMMT.
  • Van excellence partner.
  • Founding members of the commercial vehicle racking association.

Quality Accreditation’s

  • ISO 45001 – Heath & Safety Management 
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management 
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
  • IATF 16949 – Automotive Management 


We understand that safety is critical to all of our customers and as such, every conversion and product used by Bri-Stor Systems is subject to intensive safety testing. Bri-Stor are an advisor to many UK Transport Associations so have an important role in advising safe loading practices.


Providing Safer Van Storage Solutions 

Using computer based Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Failure Mode (FMEA) analysis we are able to develop design features, which provide greater operator safety in day to day use and in the event of a vehicle collision.

Van Conversions
Test area

In-house Testing 

All of Bri-Stor Systems Ltd products are UK manufactured on-site in Staffordshire. This allows us complete control over quality. All components are manufactured to high specifications and subject to stringent quality checks. 

We conduct the following tests on our van storage and van racking:

  • Bulkhead Load and Impact Assessment.
  • Fastener Load Capacity.
  • Racking Durability Testing.
  • Body Shell Load Capacity.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.
  • Crash Testing Simulation.
  • External Storage Testing.


Bri-Stor vehicle roofing equipment has also been proven durable for over 60,000 miles of use. All roof bars, van roof loading systems and roof racks have been subjected to crash testing – EC17 reverse acceleration sled test to 23.6kg.


Bri-Stor Systems are committed to minimising the impact that our operations has on the environment and ecosystems. Our processes are continuously reviewed and optimised to prevent pollution, reduce our carbon footprint and minimise any impact on the environment.

Our on-site storage facility allows us to dramatically reduce vehicle movements throughout the conversion process which in turn, significantly reduces our carbon footprint in comparison to other converters.


We have worked closely with many of the largest OEM’s for decades and our extensive experience means that we are now accredited by the manufacturers of the vehicles that we convert. This means that we’re trusted to uphold the exacting standard of those manufacturers and our work matches their quality level.


Ford QVM

During 2018 (following an intensive auditing process), Bri-Stor Systems became the first commercial vehicle van racking supplier to join the Ford QVM (Qualified Vehicle Converter) programme. Every aspect of our manufacturing, installation, quality and after sales processes were thoroughly scrutinised to ensure that our standards matched those of Ford themselves.  

Any converter currently a part of the Ford QVM scheme is required to:

  • Meet the highest standards in manufacture, engineering and quality control.
  • Offer comprehensive customer support.
  • Guarantee all conversion work is guaranteed.
  • Supply each vehicle complete with an owner information pack.

Volkswagen Recognised Converter

Bri-Stor Systems are currently the only VW recognised converter who supply internal van racking. Designed by Volkswagen to make the buying process for their customer easier, the scheme ensures that all converted commercial Volkswagen vehicles are to the highest standards and are endorsed by Volkswagen. 

Toyota Authorised Converter

Toyota Authorised Converter status confirms that a converter meets Toyota’s own stringent production and process quality standards in every aspect of the conversion process – including type approval, warranty and after sales service, giving customers complete peace of mind. 

Each converter is monitored throughout their three-year contract with Toyota, to ensure the vehicles they convert maintain the very best quality, durability and reliability irrespective of the conversion.

Renault accredited converter

Renault Conversion Partner

The Renault conversion partner programme aims to offer customers a wide selection of tailored conversion options from a network of approved partners. All converters must meet the exacting standards of Renault across their manufacturing, installation, testing, quality and after care processes.

Approved Gold Status Converter 

Accredited with Gold Status Converter by Rennicks UK for Nikkalite Flexible Crystal and Engineering Grade material. 

This accreditation was awarded to Bri-Stor for our handling and manufacturing processes. This means our customers have full assurance that all aspects of our products meet the highest standards in terms of both intrinsic quality and production. 

In partnership with Rennicks UK, we are able to offer our customers a Nikkalite backed warranty, giving reassurance and peace of mind. 

Approved converter

PSA Level 3 Accredited 

Bri-Stor Systems are proud to be accredited with a level 3 quality certificate for conversion activities by the PSA group. 

A level 3 quality certificate is the highest level a company can be awarded. The awards shows the superior quality management of the company’s conversions.